Why I haven’t purchase my Spiralizer at Walmart.

Why I haven't bought my Spiralizer at Walmart.

Introduction – Why I haven’t buy my spiralizer at Walmart and where did I bought it?:

Spiralizer are getting more and more popular in Americans’ kitchen. And it is not a surprise why!
The nutritional facts about vegetable noodles compare to regular noodle mixed with our none stop growing obesity trouble make it very attractive.

Even if you are not looking to loose weight, those noodle spirals are very tasty and crunchy.

Price comparison:

At walmart.com or in Walmart shops, you can have a No Name Spiralizer for $21.88.
On amazon.com you can have the exact same one for $19.99 mixed with the fact that it is going to be delivered directly at your front door, I do not see why one would loose all that time to go to the Walmart.

Now, if you are looking into quality and want to buy the Paderno Spiralizer, the original and most popular one. You can also find it on amazon.com for a reasonable prices of $31. However, you cannot even find that brand at Walmart, they only sale their no brand replica.

As you understand, whether you looking at cheap prices or quality it is always better to order it online.


Afraid of customer support?:

In time I was the most frustrated I learned that Walmart customer support is usually excellent!
I was shock to see that they were doing a much better job taking care of my needs then most other business I was buying at in the same shopping center.

Well, a couple of times ago I started to buy online most of my things…
And I found out that amazon.com is surely trying as hard or even harder then Walmart to make the customer happy!

They even do partial refund giving you some money back and you do not have to ask for it!
Let me explain: Living in Canada, I was buying a produce from US. I was probably the first one to buy the product as they charged me an approximation delivery cost.

Well a couple of weeks after, without having to even lifting a finger I received an email from them, letting me know the shipping costed less then expected. They had credited my credits card with the money they did not use! I mean what other business do that?

Each time I talked with amazon customer support I was amazed. I am sure you will love them as much as I do.


No need to step out of your home!

Another great advantage is in time saved and gas saved.
I am not sure how much you are paid by hour… but for my point of view, not having to loose 1 hour to do the shopping and travelling to the mall surely worth much more then a couple of bucks.
Also, this is without counting the price of gas that is growing…

The fact of having what you order delivery straight to your door is a major bonus!
People usually think that ordering online save time, cause you do not have to find the product in the store, nor to wait in line at the cash. But saving the traveling and gas is really a huge save or time and money!

Even better, if that is for a gift…
You can have it delivery straight to the person that should receive it, paying a small additional fees for gift wrapping also save you in the long run a lot of trouble! (Especially if you are a man wanting to give a gift to someone you care about.)

Mostly everything is made in china…

At Walmart, of course same as on amazon, everything or nearly everything is made in china.

I wanted to point this out, as I wanted to let you understand that it is not because you are buying in a Walmart that you are helping local economy. If you wish to help local economy there are many specialized placed where you can buy your things. Of course, you will have to be ready to pay more for what you get.

In my online searches and reflection, I swear I read about this argument online:
Buying at local Walmart is helping the local economy…

If you really want to encourage local economy, do not buy online nor at Walmart.
For certain kind of things it is easier to buy local then other. It is fine to do so.

If you choose to buy something made in china, which is usually the case on most purchase those days, have no hesitation: make the delivery man and the stock room employees work at the place of the cashier in order to save time & money!

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