How to Wash your Spiralizer

How to Wash your Spiralizer

How to Clean a Spiralizer:

We are talking about how to clean the Paderno World Cuisine Tri-Blade Plastic Spiral Vegetable Slicer.


We choose to talk about this Spiralizer because it seems like the best one (and the most popular one)we found when we compare those in our other article.

Step #1:

Use a hard Brush to wash with caution the handle.
This is the one I have and it really does the job well.

Step #2:

Remove the Blades from the Spiralizer and use the same brush to clean the Blades.
Do not wait hours after using the Spiralizer, if you wash the blade directly after you used it or after you eat an healthy meal, it will be easy to clean with a brush. Be careful if you are using anything else than a brush. Those blades are VERY Sharped.

Step #3:

Use a brush to wash the body of the spiralizer (or clean with what ever else you are used to, because there is no blades and it is not an easy piece to broke).

Step #4:

Place everything on a soft goods and wait till it get dry. Once it is dry, assemble and store in your kitchen. It is now ready to be used again.


TIPS for cleaning and using your Spiralizer:

Tips #1:

In case you leave carrots or other vegetable / fruits juice that can make the Spiralizer very hard to clean. Remember that this spiralizer is all white. Feel free to leave it a couple of hours in bleach so it can recover it original color with ease.
If you use this tricks, be sure to remove the blades those part should not get dropped in the bleach for a long period.

Tips #2:

If you aren’t use to wash a Spiralizer, you will realize how easy it is. Just be sure to learn how to separate each part of the Spiralizer before starting the cleaning process. All part are removed one from the other with ease. If you are working too hard on the materials, it is probably because you are doing it the wrong way.

Tips #3:
No idea how to use a Spiralizer nor what to make with it?

This is not really about how to clean the spiralizer, but we realize that many people that did not knew how to wash the spiralizer did not knew what to do with it neither.

Well, Paderno make it easier for you, they create a recipe ebook that you can buy directly from

Tips #4, I get this as a gift, what is a spiralizer?

We made another useful article for those that do not know what a spiralizer about and how healthy it could be for your life.

We find out that vegetable pasta are having 20 times less calories than regular pasta!
Read the article here.

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