Top 4 Coffee Maker Walmart

The best Coffee Brewer at walmart:

We all love the convenience of a fast coffee brewer. At walmart, there is  a lot of choices and we usually cannot find all the help needed to know which one is the best.

We made a Top 4 Coffee Brewer list that you can find in your local walmart.

Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer

Rating at 4.5 Star on 5.
Rating at 4.3 Star with over 3500 Review!

This coffee brewer it the best that Walmart has for the price.
With the ability to brew a single cup or up to 12 cups at the same time, it is the most convenient machine.

Thanks to their size adapters, you can brew all size of cups, no need to have the biggest one. As it is adapted it will not create drops of coffee everywhere.

It is having a programmable timer, one of the best feature one could have!
And a nice serve and pause the brewing process auto feature.

Price at Walmart: $79.99
Price at $59.99


Negative review online talk about:
Poor customer support, hard to get a reply, they ask you to pay for shipping to send a broken one and to get a new one, which is nearly the full price depending of where you are living.
Still you must understand that there are only 10% of negative review, which is really good.

Most positive review talk about:
How easy it is to use, how great the idea is.
Carafe pours without dipping, everything is well designed.



BUNN BXB Velocity Brew 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer

Rating at 4.5 Star on 5
Rating at 4.3 Star with over 1100 Review!

This Brewer is a little more expensive as the previous one.
Honestly, I feel like the prices isn’t justified by more featured nor a better quality.

When we read and compare reviews on Walmart and Amazon we find that people love the reservoir that keep the water warm all the time. It brew a full carafe in around 3 minutes!

Sadly it seems that decaffeinated coffee or too small grinned coffee can block the brewer. However, it seems like the ship a fix for it totally free upon request.

Backed by a 3 years limited warranty with BUNN.

Price on Walmart: $129.18
Price at $99.98

Negative review online talk about:
Around 15% of negative review, which is still lower than the average.

People report they got broken product (some even with a 100% unharmed box!)
Still the 3 years warranty is there to take care of things like that.

People also mostly report that it feel cheaper than previous BUNN they owned, thinner plastics and feel fragile.

Most positive review talk about:
It is made in USA
The coffee is pour very fast with the help of a safe hot water reservoir.
It pour rich and tasty coffee.



The Keurig Rivo Cappuccino and Latte System

Rating at 4.4 Star on 5
Rating at 4.1 Star with over 600 Review!

This is a Keurig coffee marker. They are know for extremely fast brewing (a little faster than the Bunn one) except if you plan of doing more than 1 cup at a time.

However, the Keurig are known for being really environnemental unfriendly.
Still if you like a fast brewed cup, this is for you. This one got the ability to brew different kind of coffee, the Keurig allow you to even do tea or ice coffee.

Price on Walmart: $199.00
Price at $153.99

Negative review online talk about:
19% Negative review, around the average.
Many report to have trouble with the brewer’s frother. Someone even report that they send him 4 free frothers one after one, because the other was not working. It is suggested to use 1% or less fat milk to help prevent that trouble.
Also another common trouble is about the mechanism which holds and punctures the pods.
The warranty is good, as it help when you face a trouble, but 1 day after the warranty stop to apply, you will be given only one answer: Buy a new one with a discount price.

Most positive review talk about:
It give amazing results and tasty latte.
It brew fast.
Awesome and polite customer services, they deliver new one as long as the warranty is applying. They do not avoid you and will do everything they can to make you happy.



Ninja Coffee Bar Auto-iQ Brewer with Glass Carafe

Rating at 4.3 Star on 5
Rating at 3.2 Star with only 14 Review

This is one of the coffee marker that worth more to be bought at Walmart than at amazon.

The best thing about this brewer is that it come with reusable coffee filter. So you do not have to buy filter time after time… (It’s not like it is costing a lot but I guess it make it environnemental friendly.)

It is also including different type of brewer making this machine very nice to create Iced Coffee.

The negative review are about the temperature of the coffee. It seems like if you use cold milk you could end up with not so warm coffee. A review actually report that Ninja told her to warm up the cup and the milk before preparing her coffee…

Price on Walmart: $149.00
Price at $164.75


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