This is why I haven’t bought my Magic Bullet at Walmart.

Walmart Nutribullet

Why I Have Not Bought My Magic Bullet At Walmart:

It’s not like I had any trouble with Walmart. In fact, Walmart has been really useful for me. However, I did not buy my Magic Bullet at Walmart and here is why.

Rather, I chose to buy my NutriBullet by Magic Bullet on I usually prefer amazon much more when it is time to buy small appliances. Here’s a few of the best reasons why I went out to to get it.

A More Convenient and Affordable Option

I compared Amazon and Walmart. I looked at how much they were charging for the Magic Bullet. You can have it for less on amazon.
The price on Amazon is $89.99 while on walmart it is $99.00

To ensure we talk about the same product, here is a picture:

Also, I found that it was much easier for me to buy it at Amazon. I am used to order my different needs on that site and already had a couple of items in my cart and on my wish list.
Amazon provide us with very good deal on shipping allowing us to save times and to get our order delivered straight to our door. It also remove the risk of going to the retail shop and facing an out of stock situation.

The box never was opened before.

In many stores, people are looking inside the boxes, to see if everything is in the box or what is in it exactly. This can results in some pieces missing or even worst, in some people taking out the pieces they need to fix their own broken product.

By ordering my NutriBullet Pro from Amazon, I was sure that I was getting a 100% new model. I knew that no one could have poked or tampered with the box (or that no one took a piece of it).

I was able to pair items that matched my needs.

When you shop on amazon, it is much easier to find item that match your need than at a retail shop. They show other suggested product (some other blander might match more you needs, I hesitated a lot with the Ninja Bullet, because it allow you to blend bigger quantities.) They also display what people usually buy with the nutri bullet.

I was able to get some recipe books for smoothies that looked gorgeous. They also showed me other accessories that I might want to grab later in my life.

About the recipe book and accessories, I am not sure if they have the same product on Walmart. However, they would probably have been much harder to find in the retail shop and I would have had to know they were existing to search those.

Here is an example:

Learn a lot with all their feedbacks and comments

It is rare to see a very qualified employee in a store. Of course, there are a lot of good employee, but one that can give you honest and good review about every product in the store simply do not exist.

The review on the Amazon website are helping us much more to make up our mind about a brand and a product. Watch out for verified reviews, those are proven purchase made on amazon. Therefore you can be sure the person know what he or she is talking about.

Honestly this is a major source of information, probably much better that someone who’s job is to sell you the product.

For exemple, I learned that the Magic Bullet & Nutri Bullet does not have line to measure the quantity of liquides.

Here is how to improve your Nutri Bullet with ease:

I Really think that buying my Nutri Bullet on amazon and not at walmart is simply a good move that everyone should do.

Act now, Grab yourself a Nutri Bullet at a lower price.

Fun Fact:

  • The will it blend series is testing a tons of ridiculous item into a blender, very interesting movie.

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