This is Why I Haven’t Bought my Magic Bullet at Target.

Target Nutribullet

Why I Have Not Bought My Magic Bullet At Target:

I don’t have any issues with the Target department store in the least. If anything, Target has been rather useful for me over the years with regards to finding assorted groceries here and there. However, I did not bother to buy my Magic Bullet at Target.

Rather, I chose to buy my Magic Bullet on I found it to be a much more efficient way for me to get this great small appliance for use in my home. Here’s a few of the best reasons why I went out to to get it.

A More Convenient Option

I compared Amazon and Target together in terms of how much they were charging for the Magic Bullet. They were both charging the same $79.99 price.


However, I found that it was easier for me to buy it at because it was a more convenient choice for me. This is thanks to how Amazon provided me with a good deal on shipping while ensuring that I could actually get the product right to my door without having to leave the house. This meant that I did not have to bother traveling to a Target retail store to possibly bear with coming home empty handed because that Target location did not have it in stock.

It’s Really New

The problem with so many department stores is that people will often poke around at the boxes of the items they want to get. Sometimes they will open up those boxes and look around to see what’s inside. The worst people will steal small parts from those boxes.

By ordering my NutriBullet by Magic Bullet from Amazon, I ensured that I was getting a totally new model that had not been tampered with, poked at or possibly pillaged by some petty thief. I actually got a model that I knew was guaranteed to really work and do wonders for my needs.

Easy to Learn More

Sometimes the employee at a physical store won’t know as much about a product as the people who have bought it to. They might have a small formation about the product but that won’t be comparable to the experience of using a product in the everyday life.

The reviews on the Amazon website helped me out by giving me good details on the positives and negatives features of the product. This ensured that I could find more information on the product including some details that the makers of the Magic Bullet might not be willing to share.

For exemple, Magic Bullet & Nutri Bullet does not have line to measure the quantity of liquides.

Here is how to improve your Nutri Bullet with ease:

Easier to Pair Items

It is much easier for people to pair items with one another on the Amazon website. I was able to find some great juicing books on the Amazon website as well as some helpful accessories and mixes to use with my Magic Bullet. These include products that Target may or may not actually sell. Therefore, I was able to get a better deal because I could find products that were worthwhile and useful for my desires.

Overall, I feel that buying my Magic Bullet on the Amazon website instead of through a Target store was a smart move on my end. It was easy for me to get a great deal on this product while also ensuring I got the exact one that I wanted above all else.


Fun Fact About Blenders:

  • The First Blander was invented in 1922 by a man named Stephen J. Poplawski. The AIM was to create a fountain drinks maker.

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