Potato Peeler vs Paring Knife

Potato Peeler vs Paring Knife

We all know that it is possible to peel a potato with a paring knife.
Many people are using it everyday and do not own nor use a potato peeler.

Today we ask 2 real questions:

Which One is Faster?
How much we waste by using a paring knife?

The Material:

Introduction to the test:

We wanted to know how much potatoes was wasted by using a regular knife and if it was quicker or slower than a potato peeler.

The way we did it:

  • We make 2 packs of 4 potatoes, we choose those to be same weight so we know there is as much potatoes in one stack and the other.
  • We weight the 2 stacks of potatoes and note the results.
  • We started the timer and peeled.

Using a Knife is Longer and waste 30% MORE!

  • It took nearly double time with a regular knife. This might have happen because we aren’t used to peel with a knife. I guess someone really used to it could do it in similar time.
  • We were meticulous to not remove useless potatoes and still, the knife waste 30% more potato! In fact, a potato peeler can save you time and cash. I know potatoes aren’t that expensive, but saving 30% potatoes your whole life can end up in a real savings.

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