Mandoline Slicer VS 8 Inch Chef Knife

Mandoline Slicer VS 8 Inch Chef Knife

We all think that a Mandoline Slicer is a great tools.

Many of us consider that it is a fast to use tool, something that most people should have if they want to save time in their cooking.

Today we ask ourselves and test the real question:

Is it faster to slice something with a Mandoline?

The Material:

Introduction to The Test:

  • We go a head, start with both mandoline slicer and knife on the table.
    (This is important for the time as for many people the knife is much easier to find and reach than their mandoline slicer).
  • We already peeled 4 potatoes so this is not a factor of disturbance. (And we used this to make another video, potato peeler vs paring knife.
  • We grabbed our timer and went ready to slice 4 potatoes.

The way it went:

  • There was no special, major factor that would have make one or the other steps slower or faster. I haven’t for exemple cut my fingers with the knife nor drop the mandoline on the floor.
  • I am a relative newbies in slicing potato with mandoline & with a chef knife. It is not like I was kitchen helper in a restaurant that is slicing potatoes everyday for hours.
  • We spoke a little during the slicing, but it did not make the act slower.

Mandoline is Faster… but!

The mandoline did the job around 20 seconds faster. Still there are condition that make the mandoline slicer a good tool or a waste of time.

Because you have to wash the mandoline & the knife you will save more time washing the knife. A mandoline is much harder to wash.

It took us more than 20 seconds to find our mandoline,  in our case going for the knife would have been easier and faster.

If we would have cut 8 or oven 12 potatoes, then mandoline slicer would have surely be a much better option as it is faster for the action­.

I hope you enjoy our nearly scientific research.

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How to Use the MinoSharp Plus 3 the Ceramic Water Knife Sharpener

How to Use the MinoSharp Plus 3

No matter the price you paid, the material, the quality of your knife, every knife needs to be sharpened once in a while. The more often you use it, the more often you will have to sharpen it. To sharpen my knives I used for about 4 years now a MinoSharp 3.

To be honest, at first I found it was pretty expensive to pay $60 for this small piece of plastic with 3 wheels. I also thought it looked kind of cheap and I was unsure it would do the job. I have another confession to make, my very first set of knives were purchased at Walmart for 20 bucks, 5 knives plus a case for $20. You do not have to be a knife expert to guess the quality of those knives, they were obviously some kind of cheap. I know, it is weird to pay $20 for a set of knives and $60 for a knife sharpener. The thing is, I purchased the knives set when I first got into my first apartment on my own and the sharpener maybe 2 years later once my income was better. Anyways, the first time I got home with my MinoSharp 3 Water Sharpener, I was eager to try my new purchase and see the result on such cheap knives. I was astonished, the MinoSharp 3 transformed my cheap no name chef knife into a super sharp knives!

How to Sharpen a Knife with the MinoSharp 3

I made a quick video explaining how to it, but I invite you to read the rest of the article, because I deepened my knowledge on the MinoSharp since the making of the video and their is more information in the article than in the video.

The first step is to open the plastic cover and put water into the reservoir. It does not have to be full, but it should at least touch the wheels. Poor some water on every wheel and turn them a bit, just to make sure that the wheel are wet. Then close the lid.

MinoSharp 3 Water Knife Sharpener

As you can see on the image, there are three wheels on the Minosharp 3 (by now, you’ve probably wondered where the 3 from MinoSharp 3 comes from ;). The blue one is the coarse, the orange one is the medium, and the beige one is the fine. You always should finish by the beige one, because it is for the finish. Small memory trick, fine is for the finish.

Important Information

You do not have to always use the blue wheel, it should be used only when your knife is very dull. Because you should know that the ceramic wheels of the MinoSharp will grind the edge of your knife, reducing its lifetime. The blue wheel being the coarse one is the one that will grind the most your knife edge.

The second step is to sharpen your knife. With one hand hold the knife, with the other one hold the water sharpener handle. Gently pass your knife front and back into the slots of the lid. Go from the very end of your blade to the tip of the knife. DO NOT PUSH on the knife, it is useless and will harm your knife prematurely plus, you risk damaging the wheels of your knife sharpener too. Usually, I slide my knife 20 times per wheel. Between every wheel you should clean the blade with a towel.

You can sharpen all sort of blade with this knife sharpener, but you cannot sharpen serrated knife and ceramic knives.

Now you know it all about this super knife sharpener, use it with care and you will be super happy with the results!

Did You Know?

Did you know that giving a knife is believed to bring bad luck? Giving a knife is supposed to cut the link of friendship between two person and therefore people think it can bring bad luck.

If you are superstitious, you will probably be pleased to know that there is a way to counter this superstition. If it happens that you receive a knife, you have to give a penny back to the person who gave you the knife. In that case, the knife is no longer a gift because you paid for it. Brilliant isn’t it?


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Top 4 Coffee Maker Walmart

The best Coffee Brewer at walmart:

We all love the convenience of a fast coffee brewer. At walmart, there is  a lot of choices and we usually cannot find all the help needed to know which one is the best.

We made a Top 4 Coffee Brewer list that you can find in your local walmart.

Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer

Rating at 4.5 Star on 5.
Rating at 4.3 Star with over 3500 Review!

This coffee brewer it the best that Walmart has for the price.
With the ability to brew a single cup or up to 12 cups at the same time, it is the most convenient machine.

Continue reading

Top 5 Blenders at Walmart

Walmart Blender

Vitamix Pro 750 Heritage Professional Countertop Blender

Vitamix- ro 750 Heritage Professional Countertop Blender

Price at Walmart: $598.95
Price on $569.95

Rating on Amazon: 4.7 Star on 5.

If you have a friend near you that has a Vitamix, you probably heard of it. Having a Vitamix is like doing Crossfit. You have to tell the whole world about it.

Usually, people talking about it are so excited about it and they like it so much, they make you want to have one. Until they tell you the price. Personally, spending $600 on a blender is something I try to avoid.

The first time I was told how expensive a Vitamix was, I was shocked and I could not understand what is so different from other blenders. First of all, it is super powerful, like for real! It makes your smoothies really smooth, like it is cream. But the downside, it is also super noisy. I mean, do not get me wrong, I know for sure that the definition of a blender is : A noisy kitchen apparel, made to blend food and make a lot of noise. But you must know that when it comes to noise, the Vitamix is a beast!

Another good thing about it is its 7 years warranty. When you first take it, you can feel it is solide, it is heavy and does not feel cheap at all. But even with a 7 years lifetime, it makes just under $100 per years of usage.

Still this is the number 1 Blender, if you got the cash, that one is for you!


Ninja Supra Kitchen System Ninja Supra Kitchen System

Price at Walmart: $169.00
Price on $159.99

Rating on Amazon: 4.7 Star on 5.

With the Ninja Supra Kitchen System, you get it all.

You have a blender, a smaller blender and a smoothie maker. For only $170 it is worth the money.

Some people complain that the engine is not strong enough and that it leaves chunks behind. Of course it is not a $600 Vitamix, but I am quite sure that if you leave the blender on long enough, you will be pretty satisfied with this one.

Oh and just for your information, I have a friend who had a Nutri Ninja, which is only the smoothie maker. After only one year of use the blender died and she had to get another one. This is not the exact same system, but it is the same brand. It is possible that she was simply unlucky, it is also possible that the Ninja blenders are some kind of cheap.

They only offer a 1 year limited warranty.


Oster 14-Speed Accurate Blend 200 Blender

Oster 14-Speed Accurate Blend 200 Blender

Price at Walmart: $21.74
Price on $26.76

Rating on Amazon: 4.2 Star on 5.

At only $22 the Oster blender does the job.

At this price you can not expect anything fancy. You simply want something that blends what you put in it. That is what this blender is for.

You might have to fight with it a little and you will not be able to crush ice into snow with it. It is still worth the money. What is nice at this price is, if it last at least 6 months you are pretty happy with your purchase and you do not really care when it breaks.


Magic Bullet Nutribullet RX Blender Smart Technology with Auto Start

Magic Bullet Nutribullet RX Blender Smart Technology with Auto Start

Price at Walmart: $159.99
Price on $159.99

Rating on Amazon: 4.00 Star on 5.

The Magic Bullet is my personal choice, for the price, the power and the convenience. However, it is a small blender, actually, it is more a blender made to make smoothies. You do not want to blend a big batch of food with this, but it is perfect for a smoothie.

It is small, it is easy to wash and it is very powerful, so you can easily and quickly make a smoothie with it.
Definitely a good choice.

The only thing I did not like about this blender is the fact that their are no measurement marks on it. I finally found a solution for this, it is explained in this video.


Fun Facts About Blenders

Did you know that a blender is commonly called a “liquidiser” in Great Britain.

Source: Wikipedia

Top 5 Slow Cookers at Walmart

A great slow cooker can be worthwhile when it comes to preparing a variety of foods. However, all slow cookers are different in terms of how easy they are to control and how big they are.

Walmart has a variety of different slow cookers available, let’s find the best one for you.

Here are five of the best options that Walmart has for sale with many of them being available for you to get through some physical stores or online purchase.

Hamilton Beach Programmable 5-Quart Slow Cooker

Hamilton Beach Programmable 5 Quart Slow Cooker

Price on Walmart: $24.94
Price on Amazon: $32.00

Rating on Amazon: 3.7 on 5 Star

Hamilton Beach made this slow cooker to be useful no matter how much time you require when getting foods cooked. You can set the timer to go from two to ten hours of cooking right off of the panel. (2,4,6,8 or 10 hours button)

No matter how long you cook it for, it will shift to a keep warm temperature when the cooking time is up.

You can choose from a high, low or warm temperature. The touch pad lets you adjust the cooker based on how long it will run for and what the temperature will be. You can touch the buttons a few times to set them properly.

Lights on the Hamilton Beacj slow cooker will show you how it is working. These lights are clearly labeled in terms of what people can use the slow cooker for. (You won’t need to read the manual 😉

Positive Feedbacks:
The stoneware can go in microwave and oven.
Handle are strong and feel like quality.

Negative Feedbacks:
Many report that the top lid does not fit tight. So heat is getting out.

This is a good choice considering that the Negative reviews aren’t that bad. You might waste some energy because of heat getting out, but it will still cook and do all the job just fine.


Crock-Pot Regular 5-Quart Round

Price on Walmart: $34.96
Price on Amazon: $35.26

Rating on Amazon: 4.4 on 5 Star

Designed with a nice stainless steel body, this model from Crock-Pot has a knob on the side that lets you switch between low, high and warm settings.

The lid is fully clear and will keep in the heat without anything coming out of it.

The stoneware and glass lid are both dishwasher safe while handles can be used to make it easier for the unit to be carried around.

Positive Feedbacks:
It is good for soups and mostly everything as long as you are aware that the lid does not completely close. (So, you might have to put more liquid in your recipe)

Negative Feedbacks:
Many very bad review are about it to cook too strong, even at low it burn many recipes from many different reviewer. (It is still good for recipe with a lot of liquid or that does not need a lot of time at “low”.)

Many people are burning their meals with it and are disappointed.


Hamilton Beach Set and Forget 6-Quart Programmable Slow Cooker

Hamilton Beach Set Forget 6 Quart Programmable Slow Cooker

Price on Walmart: $59.99
Price on Amazon: $49.99

Rating on Amazon: 4.3 on 5 Star

Another model with a stainless steel body, this one from Hamilton Beach features a digital display that will show you the temperature of the slow cooker. It will allow you to adjust the temperature to something very specific.

You can use a manual or programmable setting for the slow cooker. A power interrupt protection feature is designed to ensure the slow cooker will stay on if the power goes out.

A probe is also included to help you review the temperature of whatever you are cooking in real time. After all it is not because you can see the temperature inside the cooker that you know the temperature of your food.

Positive Feedbacks:
Works well, keep the desired temperature with incredible accuracy.
Very easy to understand instruction.

Negative Feedbacks:
Most negative review report that the unite stop to work fast, between 6 to 12 months, with very little use. The good news is that they have a 1 year warranty. Still if something goes wrong, you will be asked to pay for the new product shipping.

The Lid has been reporting to shatter from many reviewer. It seems like it is a design flaws.

The negative reviews are a lot about lemon and defect product, which make us thing it happen a lot. However, when you got a nice one (the 1 year warranty is there for you) it is a nice option.


Elite Platinum 8.5-Quart Stainless Steel Slow Cooker

Elite Platinum 8.5-Quart Stainless Steel Slow Cooker

Price on Walmart: $32.39
Price on Amazon: $31.03

Rating on Amazon: 4.2 on 5 Star

This is one of the larger slow cookers that Walmart has to offer.

This model from Elite Platinum has a knob that let you switch it from being off to a high, low or warm setting. The handles and knobs are cool and comfortable while the oval-shaped design will ensure that you can fit a small chicken or other whole meat into the cooker with ease.

The glass lid is made of tempered material to ensure that the cooker will stay comfortable and will not overheat.

Positive Feedbacks:
Easy to clean.
Warm fast and work well for most foods.
Huge capacity, easy to use.

Negative Feedbacks:
It does not close well at top, releasing a lot of heat.
It is more like aluminium than real quality stainless steel.  (They even admit it is aluminium even if they advertise it is stainless steel…)
It seems like they have a poor customer support, no one is helping the customers.

It seems like everyone had a poor customer support service. Many report not being happy with return policy and not being able to talk to anyone at all. Good things for you if you have a broken one, amazon and walmart offer a short warranty, just be sure to try it once you bought it.


Proctor Silex 3-Quart Slow Cooker

Proctor Silex 3-Quart Slow Cooker

Price on Walmart: $19.99
Price on Amazon: $19.99

Rating on Amazon: 4.6 on 5 Star


On the other end of the spectrum, Proctor Silex made this three-quart slow cooker to be easy to manage. Working with a standard knob with three regular heat settings, this comes with a lightweight white body that fits in well with most surfaces.

Designed with a stoneware body and a glass lid, it is a dishwasher-safe model. The materials can be removed with ease and washed in a machine to ensure that whatever you are using is fully cleared out

Positive Feedbacks:
There is a small hole in the lid so you can use a meat thermometer. It does not affect the time of cooking.
Great size for 2-3 person.

Negative Feedbacks:
The lid can broke, no one report it happened fast, most were after 3-4 years of use, not bad for a defect product. (Which is much longer than on other Slow Cooker review that report similar trouble on other brands)

It stop working in the first weeks. Good thing is that they have a 1 year warranty to cover up the case you receive a lemon.

It isn’t really 3 Quart. It is more like 2.5 Quart.

If you are not cooking for 4-5 person regularly, this is a perfect fit for your need.

Why I Will Never Buy An Amazon Dash Button

Amazon Dash Button

If you have visited lately, you surely noticed their new high tec product. The Dash button. It is a device that you stick near a frequently consumed product and that you only have to push when in need of the product. It will automatically process the order to Amazon and you will get it in the next coupe of days. Is it useful, does it really make our life easier or is it a gadget created only to make us consume more branded products? Do you think it is the kind of gadget that get us in the future imagined in movies such as Back In The Future or is it an unnecessary new device that will fade rapidly?

Here is my opinion about this new technology.

Here is the good about this. It can be useful. I mean, nobody like to run out of toilet paper or tooth paste and if you do not make a list of everything you need. You will eventually forget to buy something. Not with a dash button, well if you thought at least two days in advance to press the button. Otherwise you have to wait until the package arrives home.

Another positive point about it is its price. It is almost free. In fact it is $5, but you receive a $5 discount on your next purchase of the goods the Dash button is selling.

To be honest, for the most part, the kind of thing you can automatically buy with Amazon Dash is the kind of thing I always pick on special or the cheapest one. I mean bathroom tissue, dish washing liquid, garbage bags, ziploc bags, laundry soap are all products that I do not really care about the brand. I simply pick the best one for my money. With a Dash button, you cannot compare prices. You simply order regardless of the price. In the long run you will waste a nice bunch of money.

Secondly, in the day, when the delivery guy comes, I am usually at work and so is my girlfriend. When a package does not fit the mail box, the delivery guy will either leave it on the floor or bring it to the post office. If he leaves it on the floor someone might just steal it. If he bring it to the post office, which is located directly into a drug store. Which is where I probably would have go to buy things such as toilet paper and soap in a hurry.

In the end, I think this technology could be useful. I do not always think to buy essential goods when in need, but because I can only choose between a restricted number of brands and because I would probably to go get my stock on the post office. I do not really see how a  Dash Button could be useful for me.