Mandoline Slicer VS 8 Inch Chef Knife

Mandoline Slicer VS 8 Inch Chef Knife

We all think that a Mandoline Slicer is a great tools.

Many of us consider that it is a fast to use tool, something that most people should have if they want to save time in their cooking.

Today we ask ourselves and test the real question:

Is it faster to slice something with a Mandoline?

The Material:

Introduction to The Test:

  • We go a head, start with both mandoline slicer and knife on the table.
    (This is important for the time as for many people the knife is much easier to find and reach than their mandoline slicer).
  • We already peeled 4 potatoes so this is not a factor of disturbance. (And we used this to make another video, potato peeler vs paring knife.
  • We grabbed our timer and went ready to slice 4 potatoes.

The way it went:

  • There was no special, major factor that would have make one or the other steps slower or faster. I haven’t for exemple cut my fingers with the knife nor drop the mandoline on the floor.
  • I am a relative newbies in slicing potato with mandoline & with a chef knife. It is not like I was kitchen helper in a restaurant that is slicing potatoes everyday for hours.
  • We spoke a little during the slicing, but it did not make the act slower.

Mandoline is Faster… but!

The mandoline did the job around 20 seconds faster. Still there are condition that make the mandoline slicer a good tool or a waste of time.

Because you have to wash the mandoline & the knife you will save more time washing the knife. A mandoline is much harder to wash.

It took us more than 20 seconds to find our mandoline,  in our case going for the knife would have been easier and faster.

If we would have cut 8 or oven 12 potatoes, then mandoline slicer would have surely be a much better option as it is faster for the action­.

I hope you enjoy our nearly scientific research.

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