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How to Use the MinoSharp Plus 3 the Ceramic Water Knife Sharpener

How to Use the MinoSharp Plus 3

No matter the price you paid, the material, the quality of your knife, every knife needs to be sharpened once in a while. The more often you use it, the more often you will have to sharpen it. To sharpen my knives I used for about 4 years now a MinoSharp 3.

To be honest, at first I found it was pretty expensive to pay $60 for this small piece of plastic with 3 wheels. I also thought it looked kind of cheap and I was unsure it would do the job. I have another confession to make, my very first set of knives were purchased at Walmart for 20 bucks, 5 knives plus a case for $20. You do not have to be a knife expert to guess the quality of those knives, they were obviously some kind of cheap. I know, it is weird to pay $20 for a set of knives and $60 for a knife sharpener. The thing is, I purchased the knives set when I first got into my first apartment on my own and the sharpener maybe 2 years later once my income was better. Anyways, the first time I got home with my MinoSharp 3 Water Sharpener, I was eager to try my new purchase and see the result on such cheap knives. I was astonished, the MinoSharp 3 transformed my cheap no name chef knife into a super sharp knives!

How to Sharpen a Knife with the MinoSharp 3

I made a quick video explaining how to it, but I invite you to read the rest of the article, because I deepened my knowledge on the MinoSharp since the making of the video and their is more information in the article than in the video.

The first step is to open the plastic cover and put water into the reservoir. It does not have to be full, but it should at least touch the wheels. Poor some water on every wheel and turn them a bit, just to make sure that the wheel are wet. Then close the lid.

MinoSharp 3 Water Knife Sharpener

As you can see on the image, there are three wheels on the Minosharp 3 (by now, you’ve probably wondered where the 3 from MinoSharp 3 comes from ;). The blue one is the coarse, the orange one is the medium, and the beige one is the fine. You always should finish by the beige one, because it is for the finish. Small memory trick, fine is for the finish.

Important Information

You do not have to always use the blue wheel, it should be used only when your knife is very dull. Because you should know that the ceramic wheels of the MinoSharp will grind the edge of your knife, reducing its lifetime. The blue wheel being the coarse one is the one that will grind the most your knife edge.

The second step is to sharpen your knife. With one hand hold the knife, with the other one hold the water sharpener handle. Gently pass your knife front and back into the slots of the lid. Go from the very end of your blade to the tip of the knife. DO NOT PUSH on the knife, it is useless and will harm your knife prematurely plus, you risk damaging the wheels of your knife sharpener too. Usually, I slide my knife 20 times per wheel. Between every wheel you should clean the blade with a towel.

You can sharpen all sort of blade with this knife sharpener, but you cannot sharpen serrated knife and ceramic knives.

Now you know it all about this super knife sharpener, use it with care and you will be super happy with the results!

Did You Know?

Did you know that giving a knife is believed to bring bad luck? Giving a knife is supposed to cut the link of friendship between two person and therefore people think it can bring bad luck.

If you are superstitious, you will probably be pleased to know that there is a way to counter this superstition. If it happens that you receive a knife, you have to give a penny back to the person who gave you the knife. In that case, the knife is no longer a gift because you paid for it. Brilliant isn’t it?


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What is a Titanium Knife Special Feature?

Titanium Knife

A Titanium Blade is heat resistant:

Even if it is clear that most metal are heat resistant, titanium can resist more temperature variation then a steel knife. It may melt only at over 3000+ degrees F.

A Titanium Blade Do Not Rust:

Titanium, as a material do not have the chemical properties to rust. It is simply impossible for titanium to react with oxygen and water.

Therefore, it make such knife very useful. We could call it a lazy person perfect knife.
You are able to forget it in your sink full of water and to wash it only the day after!

Even better, as we said before it is heat resistant, so you can of course only place it in the dishwasher, this is not a risk.
(Before doing so, it is important that if your knife is only covered with platinum. If it is chipped, the steel under the titanium might rust.)

A Titanium Knife is Lighter Than Steel Knife:

Titanium is 44% lighter than steel.
Your arm will get less tired of working long slicing hours.
If you are anything from a serious chef to a mother (or father) that cook for the whole family you will enjoy to have a titanium knife.

Important tips:
Most Titanium Knife are steel knife with layers of titanium knife over it. So it might be just a little less heavy then a steel knife. Compare to a ceramic knife that are fully made of ceramic from side to side.

Titanium Is Not Magnetic:

If you like to store your knife over a magnetic rack, you can simply forget about placing a titanium knife into your kitchen.
Same as for ceramic knife, titanium do not stick to magnetic rack.

Titanium Is Less Hard Than Steel.

Even if their strength is very similar steel can be around 5% harder than steel.
Even if that seems like a small difference, it  mean that in theory a steel knife can have a sharper edge and would retain it much longer.

However, it is largely depending of the quality of the steel that is used in the process of making the knife and if the Titanium is mixed with other metal such as aluminium.

We Recommend:

If you want to try a Platinum Knife without spending a fortune, we suggest you to look into the Cuisinart Titan 8 Inch Chef Knife.

You can Have it for around $17.00 on

If you are looking for a higher quality one, look into this one:
$170.00, incredible quality knife made in France: 300x more resistant then Stainless steel knife, 5x plus then Ceramics!


Fun Facts:

Did you know that due to corrosion resistance and biological compatibility, titanium is used in surgical implant?

It is so light and easy to use that you do not feel it into your harm.
It is really similar to bones in feelings. I know it from the reading I made, but also for having 16 screw of titanium going through a bar of titanium into my own arm.

Thanks to titanium.

Is a Heavy Knife Better Than a Light One

Heavy Knife

When it comes to questions such a knife weight, it is mostly a question of preferences. Some knives however, are better suited to do different kind of job. Personnaly, I almost always turn to the biggest knife I have at home. I prefer when it feels heavy and solid. But my girlfriend, will always lead forward the small knives.

Of course, having strong hands will help when handling a heavy knife and this is why I always choose the heavy one and my girlfriend, mostly the lite one.

This article is dedicated to the weight of the knife, not the size. Here are the pros and cons of heavy and light knives of the same size.

The Weight Is Not An Indication of The Sharpness of a Blade

To begin with, I would like to start by saying that, a light weight knife can be as much, if not sharper than a heavy weight knife. In fact, there is absolutelly no correlation between the weight and the sharpness of a knife.

Here is Why I Prefer a Heavy Knife

It Feels Solid

With a strong knife I can cut with confident, knowning it will not break. I don’t know if you are like me, but I have always prefered thick and solid tools. It feels just more solid. It is the same thing for a knife.

The Weight Help You Cut

I also find it easier to cut because the weight of the knife helps to apply more pressure on the food. Therefore, you need less force to cut through, but of course a bit more force is needed to handle the knife.

There are some food I always use a heavy knife to cut. Such food are: potatoes, squash, frozen meat, watermelons

Here Are the Positive Points About a Lighter Knife

It’s Easier to Handle

When cutting small food, or food that is very easy to cut. It can be advantageous to use a lighter knife as you do not need to apply a lot of pressure to make your cut. In this case, a lighter knife is the right choice.

Here is a list of the food I like to cut with a light knife: shallots, onions, lettuce, garlic.

In the end, it all comes to your preferences, as for me, I almost always choose the heaviest knife, because that is what I prefer, but it is up to you to find out what suits you best.

How to Measure the Sharpness of a Blade?

Sharpness Blade
Before you buy a knife there are a few things you are highly recommended to verify. One of them and probably the main criteria you want to check is its sharpness. Here are a couple of things to do in order to verify your blade sharpness.

Tomato Cut

If you have a tomato under hand, you can easily test the sharpness of your knife. A ripe tomato is even better because it’s softer. Because of its hard skin and the softness of its  pulpit, a dull knife will crush the tomato before cutting it. This is why a tomato is a great test. A sharp knife should be able to cut through it without deforming your tomato.

The Paper Test

Unfortunately, you usually do not have a tomato with you. Making the last test quite hard to do. A sheet of paper is also a good test. To do this test, you must hold the sheet of paper with one hand and the knife with your other hand. Try to cut the edge of the paper, a sharp knife will cut through the paper without tearing it at all. A dull knife will tear the paper instead of cutting clean.

Rub it on Your Finger

You might not have a sheet of paper, no worry. You still can check the sharpness of your knife, you only need a finger. It might seem dangerous, but you can do it safely. You simply have to rub the edge of the knife on your finger. But be careful, do not try to cut your finger, rub the knife on the sides not back and forward as you would do to cut something. You need some experience with this trick, because at first you cannot tell the difference between a sharp and a dull knife. Some people prefer to do it on a nail, if your nail crumbles, then your knife is sharp.

Shave your Forearm Hairs

This and the tomato test are the best way to test a knife, but this one is a bit more risky and it require some knowledge. The test is very simple, try to shave your forearm hair. If it does, then your knife is super sharp. However, you must be careful, you could easily harm yourself during this test. Also, you must know that a knife can be very sharp and yet not able to shave. It takes a razor sharp blade to be able to shave. In the end, if it shaves, your have an extremely sharp knife. If it does not, it can still be sharp, but not razor sharp.

Fun Fact:

While talking about shaving with a knife.
Did you know that some people sharpen a knife enough to use it like a real razor?
Allowing them to shave their head and beard without having to buy razors over and over again?

Here is a video of someone doing it with a Kyocera Ceramic Knife:

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Does Pull Through Knife Sharpener Works?

Knife Sharpener

The Pull Through Knife sharpener are designed for the home chef. If one cook with passion from time to time at his home he or she will need a sharp knife.

Even if a honing steel will allow you to keep your knife in better shape it will not help to create back that nice fine edge that all quality knife should have.

Even if all the top professional knife sharpener suggest to use a water stone, they are kind of complicated to use and you need some practice before being able to do it effectively and fast. Overall, for what I read online and learned from my personal experience, water stone are working awesomely great.

From what I’ve read and watched, manual sharpeners are usually as good as most automatic knife sharpener. They have 2 additional pron that cannot be ignored, they cost less… and there is less chances they break.

We already explained how to sharpen a knife with a water stone, you can learn everything from here.

Here you can see a video we made for you, that show you how to use our favorite pull through sharpener: MinoSharp 3 Plus


Yes, you should use manual knife sharpener because….

There are many reason to use those but the main reason is:

1- Perfect if you do not want to learn Technics or become a professional sharpener.

We must state it, they are usually made idiot proof. They are really easy to use. Once you learned which wheel is the rough one and which wheel is for the finish you are good to go.

2-  Excellent to save time.

They are much faster to use, you simply take the sharpener out of your drawer, pass the knife through a couple of times and you are up and ready to go.

3- They give satisfaction in results.

You will not be able to cut through a tomato in the air with one swing and made ninja amazing clean cut with that knife. But you will be able to cook whatever you need to cook. As long as you are not making food for 100 person everyday, the results you will get will be as high as you will expect.

No, you Should not Use a Pull Through Sharpener because…

1- They are increasing the sharpness of your knife, but killing it.

Most manual knives sharpeners are trying to be as efficient as they can. The results is that they usually take too much metal off your knife. So, if you have very expensive knives, you might prefer to use a water stone or simply a honer.

Only after a couple of pass through, some models remove so much metal that you can see it at first use.

2- If you sharpen often…  other much better tools exist!

You should not use this kind of knife sharpener if you sharpen often (or plan to do it often).
Yes, it is part due to the fact that you will destroy your knife very fast if you sharpen with those often.

But there is another huge reason, there are other sharpening tools that are taking more practices but that gave much better results.

So, if you plan of sharpening your knife often, you might think more about using water stones or similar products.


Fun Fact:




Super Nice Knife Skills and Tricks

Knife Skills

I must admit something, at Big Bang Cooking, we are kind of fascinated by knives. We love the super sharp ones. We also love watching videos of great knives, of great knives skills and of nice things you can prepare with only a knife. We made you a compilation of only the best knife videos we found on YouTube.
The first one is a video of a very experimented chef that cut food super fast and extra thin. If you never learned how to cut like a chef, It might seem very dangerous. In fact, yes there is a risk for sure, manipulating such a sharp knife always come with a risk. But the way this guy places his hands greatly diminishes the risk of an injury.

On this video the chef cut eyes folded. With this video, we can see how safe it is to cut once you have learned the proper way to cut. If you are interested in learning how to cut like a chef, we wrote an article about this, go take a look!

This video demonstrate how to make a beautiful tomato rose. What you will need is a sharp knife and of course, a tomato.

Looking at this video I was really wondering what would be the end result with the carrot. It only takes form at the end of the process. It gives a nice butterfly. What is nice with this preparation, is that once you have cut your carrot, it is very quick and easy to make plenty of butterflies.

If you are a beginner, I would recommend to start with this one. It is probably the most simple trick. It makes a nice carrot leaf.

With this one you will make a very nice lotus with a red onion. The end result is very nice!

For this last video, you have to be some type of an artist. Is not only a cut here and there and you’re done. But the end result is so nice that it is worth trying.