Best Knife Sharpener… and How to Sharpen a Knife!

Best Knife Sharpener

Why should you sharpen your knife?

Knife Sharpening is something that most cook need to know.

If you are serious about cooking, then you need to be able to save some times by using a sharper knife. Most knife need to be sharpen very regularly.

The best is to sharp a Steel knife before using it, all time, every time.
That way, you will be able to always face good results and will be able to enjoy a much easier slicing and dicing.

Of course all knife aren’t made equal, you can simply buy the cheapest knife and imagine that it will be working fine because you know how to sharp. Some steel are staying sharpen much longer then other and you must always keep in mind that are steel aren’t made equal.

Also ceramic knife doesn’t need to be sharpen every time you plan of using those. In fact, they should normally hold their sharpness for years.

If you face a time that you need to sharpen a ceramic knife, please read the instruction here.


How to use a Knife Honer

Let’s start with a quick video that mostly explain it all on how to sharpen a knife with a rat tail file.

It is very simple, all you have to do is to slide the knife as described in the video.
The edge must slide all the way down on the rat tail file each side regularly.

If you are looking for how to Sharpen a knife we explain it all in this article.

The Best Knife Sharpener:

For the price there are mostly 3 Sharpener that really worth to be bought.

1) The KitchenIQ Sharpener.

Price: $6

This knife sharpener is one very affordable that give great results!
The reviews that you can find online about it are simply GREAT.

It is having a 4.5 star rating on amazon which make it one of the best product and for it’s price… it is unmissable!

However, do not consider using this on a serrated knife or a very high quality knife. It work enough to make a very affordable knife amazingly sharp, but if you are to look at details and to choose carefully all your knife, you should consider a more expensive sharpener like the Shun Sharpener.


2) The Kyocera Sharpener, it is the best for Ceramic Knife.

Price: $37.98

The Knife Sharpener is a state of the art one.
Design mainly for Ceramic Knife, you can use it to all ends. (Including Steel knives sharpening)
Yes, that ceramic knife sharpener is working on a steel or a ceramic knife!

In fact, the Kyocera Sharpener is made for their ceramic chef knife, making each other a very good purchase to make.

It is having a 4 Start on 5 average review on amazon.
Which is mostly due to the fact that the batteries are used very fast by the system. Most would have love to have a wire to plug it into the wall.

You can learn more about how to sharpen a Ceramic Knife here.

Or see it in action here:

 3) You can also Sharpen Your Steel & Ceramic Knife with this:

The Electric Diamond Knife Sharpener by Shenzhen Knives

Price: $44.99

Even if this one is kind of new, the theory and explanation I was able to find online really suggest that this one would be better to sharpen a ceramic knife.

Here is a small explanation:

In short, compare to the Kyocera Sharpener, the whole blade will be in contact we the diamond sharpening wheel.

The reviews are starting to come on that new product on amazon and online. And People seems to really LOVE it!

4) The Shun Sharpener, for advanced user.

Price: $99.99

The Shun Sharpener is the best sharpener I was able to find online.

It is having a stand that make sure you will keep the good angle while sharpening your knife and a honer to ensure the knife is straight.
Doing so ensure that the edge will be nearly as sharp as it would be in a factory.

The only negative points that we can see online is that this product seems to come with a lack of explanation on how to use it. I really like this video because it explain how to use the Shun Honing steel to get the sharpest knife possible. (The main idea is for you to focus on “how to place the blade on the sharpener)

The Shun Sharpener is one of the best tools you can use if you want to keep a good working knife.

Please note that it cannot be use to sharp ceramic knife.

2 thoughts on “Best Knife Sharpener… and How to Sharpen a Knife!

  1. This advice will definitely be useful to me. I’m still looking for my next best knife sharpener and this might be one of those going on the top of the list.I would like to congratulate you for this great video tips. I hope in next time we will get better video tutorial what will be very much helpful for us. I want to recommend this video tutorial what is really helpful for the home knife sharpener user.

  2. Hey Everyone,
    The Kyocera Sharpener is the good sharpener. I am also using it. It hones knives properly.And Thanks, a lot for the video for instructing how to sharpen ceramic knives.I was not knowing how to sharpen knives efficiently but after watching this video I can comfortably hone them .
    Thank you

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