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Best Spiralizer

BestSpiralizerSimple, straight to the point…

What’s the spiralizer that people are happier to own?

I looked online and find tons of huge text about spiralizer, they all claimed they reviewed the best ways possible the market.

But they all compare different brands.

How to know which one does customers prefer?

We will look at 1 thing: Amazon reviews and comments.

We will give you the best info possible.
You do not want to know if we liked one or not… you want to know what’s the one that deliver to all their customers THE BEST SATISFACTION RATE.

We only consider product with 200+ reviews.

#1 Spiralizer Tri-Blade Vegetable Slicer, by Spiralizer

Review on Amazon: 4.7 on 5 (with over 6000 Reviews!)
Only 4% Negative Review (1 & 2 Stars)
81% 5 Star Ratings

Price it is while writing this article: 29.99


Main Positive Comments:
It work with mostly everything except too thin veggies.
There is a rest of vegetable in the middle that does not get turned in spiral. However, they do great addition to soups or even smoothies, keep those frozen!

Main Negative Comments:
You need to learn how to use it before trying to spiralize hard veggies.
Most negative review are about it not working on hard vegetables, that the handle brooks when trying to use it with a hard vegetable and things like that. However, most positive feedback claim that if you go slow, align the veggie straight it will work with anything including sweet potatoes.

It is a very nice choice, but you will have to get used to use it.


#2, ScharfPro™ Vertical Self-Pressure Vegetable Spiralizer

Review on Amazon: 4.7 on 5 (with over 250 Reviews!)
Only 3% Negative Review (1 & 2 Stars)
82% 5 Star Ratings

Price it is while writing this article: 24.95

Based on those ratings, you might want to know why it is in second places?
Well, the negative reviews are about more different things, which mean that it seems like there are more limitation to the product.

Main Positive Comments:
Works well with everything. You do not need to learn how to use it with soft veggies before going in and working on a carrot or a sweet potatoes.
Less waste than the vertical spiralizer.
It goes to the dishwasher (if you are ready to disassemble some easy pieces).
It does not move and feel solid.

Main Negative Comments:

There are some more limitation: It only allows for small and medium sized vegetables. Compare to a horizontale spiralizer, you are limited in the size of the veggies.
The handle doesn’t stay in, you will need some practice before using the handle without having it going out.
Instruction (even if not really needed) aren’t wrote in proper english.
The bowl at the base is moving a lot, making it hard to use.


#3, Paderno World Cuisine A4982799 Tri-Blade

Review on Amazon: 4.5 on 5 (with over 8000 Reviews!)
Only 7% Negative Review (1 & 2 Stars)
70% 5 Star Ratings

Price it is while writing this article: 29.70

It is the first and most popular spiralizer.

Main Positive Comments:
It work with mostly everything except too thin veggies.
It is very easy to clean.
Only company that offer a real written warranty. (90 days)

Main Negative Comments:
There is a rest of vegetable in the middle that does not get turned in spiral.
Most negative review are about it not working on hard vegetable.
Still many people report doing it without any trouble.

It is a very nice original choice you will still need some training on how to place the vegetable on the machine.


#4 Zoodle Chef Premium Vegetable Spiralizer

Review on Amazon: 4.4 on 5 (with over 600 Reviews!)
Only 3% Negative Review (1 & 2 Stars)
73% 5 Star Ratings

Price it is while writing this article: 9.99

This item is the most affordable solution.

Main Positive Comments:
Including a recipe ebook.
Including a cleaning Brush.
Does not take too much spaces.
Easy to place the vegetables, no need to always stop and align the food as on other  kind of spiralizer.

Main Negative Comments:
Hard to work, you need a lot of physical work.
Cap does not really work as an handle.
Create a lot of waste.
Is hard to use on hard veggies.

It is a simple choice to start and try the soft vegetable spirals. I haven’t saw any picture of people who actually succeed in using the Zoodle for sweet potatoes or carrots.
Perfect for cucumber, zucchini and other soft vegetable.

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Top Coffee Availlable at Walmart

Coffee Walmart

One of the most popular habits in North America is certainly to drink a cup of coffee in the morning.

What is the Best Coffee for sale at Walmart?

Before you read my answer to this question you must understand that I only drink espresso, cappuccino or latte coffee.

All made with my  Breville Cafe Roma Espresso Maker.

I am not sure if my answer fit a american traditional coffee maker.

#1. Lavazza Coffee

At Walmart you can find a lot of brands of ground coffee. The one I usually choose is the Lavazza coffee. An Italian coffee perfect for my early morning espresso. The Lavazza coffee come in small 8.8 ounces bag. You have 2 types of bag to choose from, the normal bag and the under vacuum bag. I recommend you to choose the normal soft bag rather than the small brick under vacuum. The reason for this is that grounded coffee needs some air to breath. If you choose the bag deprived of air, you will lose some of your delicious coffee aroma and taste.

Lavazza Crema e Gusto

The flavor I usually pick is Crema e Gusto, which is just delicious in my espresso machine!

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Best Coffee Mug For Sale on the Internet.

Coffee Mug

You want the best Coffee Mug?

We all love to have a nice looking mug, a funny look or a very useful one.
Here are the best mug, based on look.

There are the humorists Mugs and the cool color changing mugs.

If you never saw a color changing mug, you can see it in Fast Action in that video:

#1 The Prescription Coffee Mug

Price: $9.99 on
Rating: 4.5 Starts, over 2000 reviews.

Strongest Point: “Drink one Mug by mouth, repeat until awake and alert.”


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Top Espresso Machine at Walmart


We all love a good espresso.

No matter if you drink espresso everyday or only on Sunday.
You know how to enjoy life!

When it is time to buy a new Espresso machine it can be a hard.
Because none are perfect, some are too cheap other are too expensive…
Most people do not know which one they should go for.

We are trying to help you make up your choice based on the choice you can find at Walmart. We also went one step farther and looked at the price on amazon for you, so you know you can save cash by buying it there.

Capresso 303.01 Espresso Machine

Rating at Amazon: 3.5 Star
Rating at Walmart: None yet.

Price Amazon: $59.95
Price at Walmart: $60.95
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Top 5 Food Processors at Walmart


A food processor can be critical to your food preparation needs, but there are far too many options for you to consider. Walmart has a great variety of food processors available for you to look into.

Here are a few of the top food processors available at
A complete review of the most popular brands around.

Hamilton Beach Bowl Scraper 10-Cup Food Processor

This $69.00 bowl scraper from Hamilton Beach works with ten cups of storage.

–> Beware, it is $69.00 at and ONLY  $34.01 on

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Potato Peeler vs Paring Knife

Potato Peeler vs Paring Knife

We all know that it is possible to peel a potato with a paring knife.
Many people are using it everyday and do not own nor use a potato peeler.

Today we ask 2 real questions:

Which One is Faster?
How much we waste by using a paring knife?

The Material:

Introduction to the test:

We wanted to know how much potatoes was wasted by using a regular knife and if it was quicker or slower than a potato peeler.

The way we did it:

  • We make 2 packs of 4 potatoes, we choose those to be same weight so we know there is as much potatoes in one stack and the other.
  • We weight the 2 stacks of potatoes and note the results.
  • We started the timer and peeled.

Using a Knife is Longer and waste 30% MORE!

  • It took nearly double time with a regular knife. This might have happen because we aren’t used to peel with a knife. I guess someone really used to it could do it in similar time.
  • We were meticulous to not remove useless potatoes and still, the knife waste 30% more potato! In fact, a potato peeler can save you time and cash. I know potatoes aren’t that expensive, but saving 30% potatoes your whole life can end up in a real savings.

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