Nutri Bullet by Magic Bullet Review

NutriBullet Review

I recently received the Nutri Bullet. The more powerfull version of the Magic Bullet. So far, I love it. I love to eat healthy and the Nutri Bullet is the perfect tool to help me do that. I can prepare delicious and super healthy smoothies with it super quickly. Let me tell you why I like my Nutri Bullet that much.

Perfect to Prepare Smoothies

If you have already tried to prepare a smoothie with a regular blender, you probably noticed that the fruits will often stick all togheter in the midle of the jar. Making it impossible for the blade to reach them, the blades will simply spin in the air until you open the jar and push on the fruits. Most of the time, you will have to push on them a couple of time before the finally get blended. With a Nutri Bullet, the fruits will still react the same, but you simply have to twist the jar and shake it so the fruits reach the blade. Honestly, it is much quicker and easier.

Easy to Wash

I do not have a dishwasher machine at home, so for me this part is very important as well. It is super quick to wash. I can say that it is quicker than with a regular blender, probably because the jar is less long and it does not have the shape of a funnel.

It is Small

I could not tell if it is a negative point or positive one, but the jar is small. It takes less space in your kitchen. In the same time, you cannot blend so much things at once with it.

In the end I would say it is perfect to prepare smoothies and to blend some stuff as well, but blending a big batch of something would turn out to be a hassle. So if you already have a blender, keep it for the big jobs.

Nutri Bullet Review by Me

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