What is a Pastry Brush

Definition of a Pastry Brush

A pastry brush is a culinary tool used to easily and equally spread sauce on food. Operating a pastry brush is quite simple and straight forward. You have to dip the bristles of the brush in the sauce or marinade you want to cook with. The bristles will help retain more sauce than if you used a knife. Then you apply the sauce by rubbing the bristles full of sauce directly on your food and you brush your food exactly like you were painting it.

Silicone Pastry Brush This is a Silicone Pastry Brush

What is a Pastry Brush Used For

Pastry brushes can be used to spread all types of sauce, dressing, butter, oil, marinade or condiment. They can be used pre cooking, post cooking and even while cooking. Most pastry brush are heat resistant, therefore you can use them to spread sauce on a hot meal.
Most popular uses of this tool are to baste a pastry with butter pre cooking or to spread bbq sauce on a meal directly on a barbecue grill. For a lot of men, basting ribs is a fun part of a barbecue. It is what adds the flavor and most of the time, give a great barbecue perfume in a neighborhood.

Different Kinds of Pastry Brush

There are two types of pastry brush, the natural one and the silicone one. For a review of the differences between the two, visit this page.

How to Clean a Pastry Brush

Cleaning a pastry brush can become an hassle, especially if the sauce you used was very oily or thick. If you do not pay attention it is even possible that you feel like your basting brush is always kind of oily. It is even more true if you have a natural pastry brush or if the bristles of your baster are extra thin.
But there are a couple of useful tricks that will help you keep your pastry brush clean.

Rinse it As Soon As Possible

Immediately after you have finished using your pastry brush you should rinse it thoroughly with water, hot water will give better results.

Soak It In Water

If oil still do not want to go out, let it soak in a small bowl full of hot water right after you are done with your brush. If your sauce was very oily, like melted butter, dressing or any type of oil, the trick is to let it soak in very hot water with a drop of dish soap in it. Let it soak at least five minutes and ideally wash it immediately after taking it out of the water.

Wash it (Is my Pastry Brush Dishwasher Safe)

At this point you should be able to wash it very easily. Clean it like you would do with any other kitchen tool. If you have a dishwasher you might wonder if you can clean your pastry brush with it. To be certain about that question you should try to see with the manufacturer of the brush you are using. However, usually with silicone pastry brushes there should be no problem for you to use a dishwasher. As what concerns natural brush, some are dishwasher safe and some are not.

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