Top 5 Food Processors at Walmart


A food processor can be critical to your food preparation needs, but there are far too many options for you to consider. Walmart has a great variety of food processors available for you to look into.

Here are a few of the top food processors available at
A complete review of the most popular brands around.

Hamilton Beach Bowl Scraper 10-Cup Food Processor

This $69.00 bowl scraper from Hamilton Beach works with ten cups of storage.

--> Beware, it is $69.00 at and ONLY  $34.01 on

This uses two speeds and a pulse function to help with cutting up foods. The feed chute is large enough to handle many cut-up fruits and vegetables. A typical block of cheese can be fit into the feed chute without having to be cut up.

A slicing and shredding disc is included with an S-blade.
That S blade is shaped to create a stronger cut into various foods. Review:
4.3 Star on a Maximum of 5 (With over 1600 review)

The negative Points that people report are:

Most Negative Review on amazon suggest that the product get defect very fast.
However, this is covered by a 1 year guarantee, so that make us safe.

As long as you are aware that you might find a defect one and that you are aware of the guarantee, this is simply not a problem.

Combine with the fact (see positive argument) that many report it is working for life, I am thinking bad review were facing a "Lemon".

Beware, do not fill more than the max line, or you will see it making a mess.

The best positive argument are:

It report that the processor is working for years and is really solid.

1 Year guarantee that is easy to claim with the fabricant.

Quieter than most other similar prices food processor. If you are like me and love to listen to music while cooking, this is a very interesting point.

It is very light, even if it might seems like he quality is lacking because it does not seems solid, this is actual a good point as it make it easy to wash, use and fit in the kitchen.


This is your best option. It actually is #1 in food processor on Amazon and is also available at Walmart and I saw it at Target too.



Black and Decker 8-Cup Food Processor

Black and Decker made this $35 food processor with a 450 watt motor that can cut through a number of foods.

Before ordering it, remember you can have it for only $27.19 on Amazon.

The cutting blade is made with stainless steel that will easily and safely cut through different foods. The disc comes with two sides as one can be used for slicing while the other is for shredding cheeses very useful for fast and automatic shredding.

A pusher is included on the food chute.

The control panel uses two simple buttons to activate and turn off the food processor.It is also easy to use and handle. You can quickly get different foods added into the processor and mix through properly.

A safety system is used to lock the device up as well so it will not start without you being 100% aware that it can run. Review
4.00 Star on a Maximum of 5 (With over 1700 review)

The negative Points that people report are:

People report it is very loud. Even the people that give positive review admit that they sounds it create is kind of an abuse. Many people placed it in the garbage because it was making too much sounds.

Apparently the customer support for Black & Decker did not gave a fast support to the amazon customers. A couple of negative feedback claim that they are not able to talk with those. However, the person that were able to talk with them seems pleased.


The best positive argument are:

It does a great (loud) job.
If you are looking for a great prices with something that work well it is a good choice. However, again, be sure to keep in mind the sounds it will produce while working.

Some people that had a "lemon" reported that the company gave them a whole new one without any hesitation.



It seems like a good, reliable choice. However, for the small difference of price we would suggest you to get another less loudly processor.



Oster, 2-Speed 10-Cup Food Processor

This is a $35 food processor from Oster that uses a clear ten-cup bowl with a 500 watt motor.

You can have it on amazon for $32.00.

Your food in the processor can be quickly swapped with an S-shaped blade. It is made with stainless steel materials that will not become easily dull. You will also have a steel disk for shredding or slicing and a very useful dough blade used for kneading items.

There are four separated buttons on the base of the food processor with each one fully labeled to show specifics of how it works. Each individual button will trigger a different speed that the processor will work with.  It can really help mixing it all properly. Review
3.90 Star on a Maximum of 5 (With around 200 review)

The negative Points that people report are:

The Doug blade seems like breaking easily. Most bad reviews are about it.
So, if you plan to do a lot of Doug, consider taking another processor.

The lid has a spring in it as a safety sadly, some food gets stuck in lid by the spring where it cant be cleaned.
It can become really dirt if you use your processor a lot.
Perfect for occasional work.

If you grate hard food, it seems like the plastic is thin and that can harm the product. That particular bad review report that they had plastic in their food. Maybe the reviewer had a Lemon but still this is to consider.


The best positive argument are:

Most of the clean up is fast and easy. (Please note there is one small area that seems very hard to clean)

It work very well, you do not need to push most of the food into it. It just eat it up!

It make less sounds than many other processor.

It is lasting for years based on real proven customers review.



That processor make less sounds than most processor and can be a good idea to take if you love to listen to music while cooking or to chat. Still, who really want to actively chat while processing foods?

No one reported that it was not a good tools, surely some people report it broke up, but people that haven't faced a lemon are mostly happy with the product.



Hamilton Beach Stack and Snap 10-Cup Food Processor

This $50 Stack and Snap food processor is known for how it can be easily used.

That is one of the food processor that is worth to be bought at walmart directly.
Same prices on and on walmart. However, at amazon the shipping is not included.

Actually at the time I am writing this, there is a limited promotion at walmart that give $15.00 off. As price vary a lot for this one, I am giving you the link to walmart, so you can select where to buy the product from, in real time.

This uses a stack and snap assembly where the individual parts are to be placed on top of each other. A snapping sound can be hear when the processor is in place and ready to use. This uses a 450 watt motor and uses the Big Mouth feeding tube to fit in more foods without the need to cut them all that much.

There is no need to lock or twist any items when getting the food processor ready.

The stainless steel wheel at the top can be placed on either side for shredding or slicing. This will easily work for a long time and take care of all sorts of cutting needs that one might hold so more foods can be prepared the right way and with enough care. Review
4.40 Star on a Maximum of 5 (With around 350 review)

The negative Points that people report are:

It seems like it does not produce an uniform work. You will need to scrap the food down very regularly to produce a good uniform results.  However, this is to ignore if you want to use it for drinks, wet recipe or dough.

Hard to wash blade attachement.

Plastic cracking on some product when cutting hard vegetable such as carrots.
Still the customer support contacted them and changed it.


The best positive argument are:

Active customer support: This is covered with 1 year guarantee and they happily give the numbers of customer support to anyone that complain on forum and amazon about their product in order to change the product.

It does the job amazingly well for wet things such as smoothies and soup.

Easy to wash, mostly never leak. (Except for people that admit they over filled it.)




That is a very good option. Even if you would be facing a defect or a broken device, the customer service is there to help and they change defect processor without hours of questioning.

It does most job well, but if you plan to create rices with cauliflower and things like that, it require a lot of scraping to results in a homogeneous results.

Soups and smoothies?
This is perfect, order it now.



Cuisinart 7-Cup Food Processor

Designed with a steel body, this $99 Cuisinart food processor works with a Sealtight system that helps to secure the individual parts of the processor. Making it easier to clean.

The processor lock and offers a strong handle on the bowl to help the user hold onto it. An S blade and a separate dough blade are included with a reversible disc that offers slicing and shredding functions.

A push button release is also included on the body of the processor. This works with the Sealtight system to help with ensuring that the bowl is secured.

The blades can also be locked on the processor when not in use. A separate lock is used to make everything easy to maintain and wash. Review
4.60 Star on a Maximum of 5 (With around 100 review)
(That's amazing considering the price!)

Best Food Processor Option

The negative Points that people report are:

Replacement part are expensive if something happen after the guarantee.
And that's the only bad reviews!

The best positive argument are:

Easy to Wash.
Work well for any kind of work.
Top Warranty:  

  • Five-years warranty on all pieces of the motor
  • Three-year limited entire unit warranty




If you are ready to pay more than to get any of the above Food Processor (which all have positive and negative aspect) this one is for you.

This is the best investment of much people, the reviews are top all around the internet and the warranty is far over 3x  better than what the competition give.

Order it now.

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