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  • OXO Handheld Spiralizer Review

    Oxo Spiralizer

    Does the OXO Spiralizer better than regular Spiralizer?

    What is a Spiralizer for?
    How does a regular Spiralizer Work?
    How does the OXO Spiralizer work?
    Full Review of OXO Handheld Spiralizer.

    What is a Spiralizer for?

    Spiralizer have been used in our kitchen for a couple of years now.

    Many people use those on a regular basis and it really became an addiction for some veggies eater in here.

    They are used to make much healthier and real tasty noodles.
    You can use those "noodles" or "spiral" on a lot meal.
    You can make traditional meal such as spaghetti with tomato and meat sauce or many more complicated recipe.

    You can learn more about what is a Spiralizer here.

    How Does a Regular Spiralizer Work?

    A Spiralizer usually work by having a system or a manivelle that you use to pull the vegetables through some very, very sharp blades.

    While the vegetable is rotating, slices are cut. Allowing you to enjoy tasteful and easy made spirals.

    In this fast 2 minutes videos you can see a Paderno Spiralizer in action:

    How Does the OXO Spiralizer Work?

    The OXO Handheld spiralizer is working a bit differently.
    You do not turn a manivelle.

    The way it is made, you simply have to turn the vegetable against the blades.
    While using the protection part to save your hands, you will safely create easy vegetable pastas. The protection is really similar to a Mandoline hand protector.

    Here is the official video made by OXO to show how well their Spiralizer are working.
    After watching the video, we suggest you to read our own review of the OXO Handheld spiralizer.


    OXO Handheld Spiralizer - OUR REVIEW

    The OXO Handheld Spiralizer is 4.5 start on a max of 5 on

    Only videos and review about it seems to be all in the direction:
    This is a great product.

    When I first consider to order it I looked at all the vegetable spiral maker available on the market. You can see a list of a review based on my research on this page.

    When I found at such a good product as the OXO Handheld Spiralizer really was available for a price under $15.00 I jumped over my hesitation and bought it.

    First it is by far Easy to Store.
    Most other Spiralizer are much bigger they have tons of accessories to use and store... they simply take more places in your kitchen storage.

    Second they are effective:
    It is strong, feel solid and you can surely do spirals with any of the vegetables you would want.

    They even offer a FREE ONLINE MANUAL:
    Upon your purchase you will be able to look at the manual and enjoy quality color instruction.

    Easy to Wash:
    This is a very easy system. Even if you are better not to do it... for the price I strongly believe that placing it in the dishwasher is not a bad idea. It save me a lot of time.

    The only negative aspect I could find is that some people seems to have bought an dull version of it. If you are unhappy with the product we think that you should contact OXO as honestly you receive a defect product.

  • T-Fal Actifry vs Philips Airfryer

    Actifry VS Airfryer

    You have finally decided to buy yourself a new hot air fryer. You've heard about the T-Fal Actifry and the Philips Airfryer and you are wondering which one you should buy. Let me trace the differences between the two products so you can make you decision.

    T-Fal Actifry

    The Size of The Basket

    The Actifry has a frying basket with a capacity of 2.2 lbs of fried potato. The Airfryer can handle 1.8 lbs. In other words, if you have a big familly or you often prepare food for groups of friends, you would probably prefer the bigger size of the Actifry.

    However, the shape of the baskets are not the same. The Actifry has a pillar in the middle of it and the Airfryer is round. So if you have something big. A chicken for example, it will fit in the Airfryer, but not in the Actifry even if this one is larger.

    Philips Airfryer


    The Cover

    The cover of the Actifry is transparent, which allows you to see through it whike your food is baking. It is quite useful if you want to make sure that your food is perfectly fried each time. The cover of the Airfryer is not transparent. You might think, well the cover of my deep fryer is not transparent either and I just have to open it once in a while to take a look. Well, you cannot really do that with an air fryer. These product heat by air, so when you open them the air escape, making it lose a lot of its heat, making it longer to bake.

    Heat Control

    You cannot control the temperature with the Actifry, it is fixed at 338°f. With the Airfryer, you can set the temperature from anywhere to 180°f to 390°f.


    Concerning the price, there is not a very big difference. Both item sell around $200.

    French Fries Fun Facts

    Did you know that French fries were introduced into America in 1800. At the time Thomas Jefferson was the president. Since then its popularity never stopped growing. A study confirmed that every American citizen eat 16 pounds of French fries per year!

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    T-Fal Actifry vs Deep Fryer

  • T-Fal Actifry vs Deep Fryer

    Actifry VS Deep Fryer

    You have heard about this new fryer that does not need oil and are wondering: should I get one?

    Here is my answer on the topic.

    The T-Fal Actifry

    First, let's dig into the advantages and disadvantages of the Actifry compared to the usual and old deep fryer.

    Advantages of the Actifry Over the Deep Fryer

    • As it needs a lot less oil than a deep fryer, you will eat less fat and healthier.
    • You will save money on oil.
    • You can use better quality oil than with a deep fryer. You can even use olive oil with the Actifry. The Actifry will heat up to 385F and the olive oil start to burn at 400F.
    • Easy to wash. As less oil is involved, it is less oilyer and much easier to wash. By the way, it goes to dishwasher!
    • Needs less preparation (with a deep fryer you have to 1.put the oil in the fryer 2. preheat your oil 3.fry your food 4.wait at least an hour for your oil to cool down 5.put the oil back in its bottle and finally 6.clean the fryer. With the Actifry you can skip steps 2, 4 and 5. This point for me is a very good one, not only is it much more quick and simple, it is also healthier. I have to admit that usually, once the fryer is out the closet and ready to use, I tend to think, why not using it again for my next meal. With the Actifry, you will not have this temptation.
    • It is safer to use. If ever you drop it on the floor or if your hands comes to fall in it, there will not be boiling oil to burn you.
      It will not smell oil in your house for the next day.


    Actifry Disadvantages

    • Noisy, it makes a noise when in use, for its defence, a fryer also make a frying noise when in use and with a real fryer, usually you have to start the oven fan if you do not want your home to smell oil for the week to come.
    • It takes a while to fry. The old fryer will make fries in about 15 minutes. With the Actifry it might take up to 45 minutes.
    • Fries are not as crispy as with a good old fryer. They are still very good, but you can tell there is a difference.In the end, I would say that if you are a big fryer user. You should without a doubt get an Actifry. I mean, it makes delicious food, it's easier to clean and safer to use and it is a lot healthier!


    French Fries Fun Facts

    Did you know that French fries were invented in Belgium in around 1680. Belgians were deep frying their fish and in the low fishing seasons they used potatoes instead of fish.

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  • Best Titanium Chef Knife

    Best Titanium Knife

    Kitchen Titanium Knives Are Kind Of New...

    When we first look online there is a couple of company that were reported as good titanium knives.
    Our first look was to look into Boker. Their hunting knife in titanium are enjoy quite a reputation and we were curious to know if they were good for a kitchen knife too.

    We were not able to find a Kitchen Knife made in titanium into their website, but they already had that product. We found several negative reviews about those, on youtube, on google, yahoo, etc.

    They were reported to be very dull knife not worth of their prices at all.

    But Then, What Are The Best Titanium Chef Knife?


    • The most Value / Effective choice is the Titan Chef's Knife by Cuisinart.
      The price is only: Around $16.00 on
      Average Rating: 5 Star

    Most positive review report the beauty of the blade, the sharpness retention that last for years and the incredible gap between the quality and the prices. We can easily compare it to a $50.00+ knife.

    • The highest quality in general is the one made by Furtif Ever Cut.

    It's price average $170.00 on amazon.
    Average rating: 4.5 star

    The bad reviews are all about their guaranteed system. Not that people were not able to claim a broken knife back or their cash back. The only trouble was about registering the product. It seems that the code was not working.

    The handle is really good looking but some people think it is not that comfortable.

    Other reviews are all amazed of the quality of the knife and of it's sharpness.

    • An Average Good choice: the one made by Schmidt Brothers Cutlery

    It's price is around $34.00 on amazon.
    Average Rating: 4.5 Star

    Most negative review are about the customer service of the brand it self.
    Some also report that the knife were not that sharp when they received it.
    The main defect that appear to happen is the wood block (in case you buy the whole set), it seems to arrive broken more often then it should.

    I hope this will help.

  • How to Use a Mandoline

    How To Use a Mandoline

    A mandoline is a super useful cooking tool. It allows you to cut your food easily, quickly and always at the same thickness. This last point is very important when you want your food to have the exact same texture after you have baked it. There will not be so piece burned and other almost raw because one was way too smal and the other one was too big compared to the rest of your food.

    However, a mandoline, just like a knife or a oven, is also dangerous. You got to be very careful not to harm yourself when cutting, because the blade of a mandoline is razor sharp and the movement you make to use this tool can be very dangerous. You must hold the tip of the food you want to cut and move it back and forward over the blade. If your hand slide and fall on the blade when you are on your motion toward the blade, you might get hurt real bad.

    I would recommend you the Swissmar mandoline, it's around $30. The blade is very sharp and there is the protective tool.

    How to Use a Mandoline Safely

    To use a mandoline safely, you can use the finger protrctive tool that usualy come with a mandoline. You simply have to back up the button on top and stick your food under. Then use your mandoline as usual and gently push on the top button as the food get shorter and shorter. Another problem with a mandoline is that you cannot cut through the bottom.

    You can also use a cut resistant glove. It is a glove tough enough to protect your finger of a knife or mandoline cut.

    To cut the very last part of your food, I suggest you to use a knife. I would highly suggest you to use the Big Bang Cooking 8 inch chef knife for that.

  • What is a Titanium Knife Special Feature?

    Titanium Knife

    A Titanium Blade is heat resistant:

    Even if it is clear that most metal are heat resistant, titanium can resist more temperature variation then a steel knife. It may melt only at over 3000+ degrees F.

    A Titanium Blade Do Not Rust:

    Titanium, as a material do not have the chemical properties to rust. It is simply impossible for titanium to react with oxygen and water.

    Therefore, it make such knife very useful. We could call it a lazy person perfect knife.
    You are able to forget it in your sink full of water and to wash it only the day after!

    Even better, as we said before it is heat resistant, so you can of course only place it in the dishwasher, this is not a risk.
    (Before doing so, it is important that if your knife is only covered with platinum. If it is chipped, the steel under the titanium might rust.)

    A Titanium Knife is Lighter Than Steel Knife:

    Titanium is 44% lighter than steel.
    Your arm will get less tired of working long slicing hours.
    If you are anything from a serious chef to a mother (or father) that cook for the whole family you will enjoy to have a titanium knife.

    Important tips:
    Most Titanium Knife are steel knife with layers of titanium knife over it. So it might be just a little less heavy then a steel knife. Compare to a ceramic knife that are fully made of ceramic from side to side.

    Titanium Is Not Magnetic:

    If you like to store your knife over a magnetic rack, you can simply forget about placing a titanium knife into your kitchen.
    Same as for ceramic knife, titanium do not stick to magnetic rack.

    Titanium Is Less Hard Than Steel.

    Even if their strength is very similar steel can be around 5% harder than steel.
    Even if that seems like a small difference, it  mean that in theory a steel knife can have a sharper edge and would retain it much longer.

    However, it is largely depending of the quality of the steel that is used in the process of making the knife and if the Titanium is mixed with other metal such as aluminium.

    We Recommend:

    If you want to try a Platinum Knife without spending a fortune, we suggest you to look into the Cuisinart Titan 8 Inch Chef Knife.

    You can Have it for around $17.00 on

    If you are looking for a higher quality one, look into this one:
    $170.00, incredible quality knife made in France: 300x more resistant then Stainless steel knife, 5x plus then Ceramics!


    Fun Facts:

    Did you know that due to corrosion resistance and biological compatibility, titanium is used in surgical implant?

    It is so light and easy to use that you do not feel it into your harm.
    It is really similar to bones in feelings. I know it from the reading I made, but also for having 16 screw of titanium going through a bar of titanium into my own arm.

    Thanks to titanium.

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