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  • This is why I haven't bought my Magic Bullet at Walmart.

    Walmart Nutribullet

    Why I Have Not Bought My Magic Bullet At Walmart:

    It's not like I had any trouble with Walmart. In fact, Walmart has been really useful for me. However, I did not buy my Magic Bullet at Walmart and here is why.

    Rather, I chose to buy my NutriBullet by Magic Bullet on I usually prefer amazon much more when it is time to buy small appliances. Here’s a few of the best reasons why I went out to to get it.

    A More Convenient and Affordable Option

    I compared Amazon and Walmart. I looked at how much they were charging for the Magic Bullet. You can have it for less on amazon.
    The price on Amazon is $89.99 while on walmart it is $99.00

    To ensure we talk about the same product, here is a picture:

    Also, I found that it was much easier for me to buy it at Amazon. I am used to order my different needs on that site and already had a couple of items in my cart and on my wish list.
    Amazon provide us with very good deal on shipping allowing us to save times and to get our order delivered straight to our door. It also remove the risk of going to the retail shop and facing an out of stock situation.

    The box never was opened before.

    In many stores, people are looking inside the boxes, to see if everything is in the box or what is in it exactly. This can results in some pieces missing or even worst, in some people taking out the pieces they need to fix their own broken product.

    By ordering my NutriBullet Pro from Amazon, I was sure that I was getting a 100% new model. I knew that no one could have poked or tampered with the box (or that no one took a piece of it).

    I was able to pair items that matched my needs.

    When you shop on amazon, it is much easier to find item that match your need than at a retail shop. They show other suggested product (some other blander might match more you needs, I hesitated a lot with the Ninja Bullet, because it allow you to blend bigger quantities.) They also display what people usually buy with the nutri bullet.

    I was able to get some recipe books for smoothies that looked gorgeous. They also showed me other accessories that I might want to grab later in my life.

    About the recipe book and accessories, I am not sure if they have the same product on Walmart. However, they would probably have been much harder to find in the retail shop and I would have had to know they were existing to search those.

    Here is an example:

    Learn a lot with all their feedbacks and comments

    It is rare to see a very qualified employee in a store. Of course, there are a lot of good employee, but one that can give you honest and good review about every product in the store simply do not exist.

    The review on the Amazon website are helping us much more to make up our mind about a brand and a product. Watch out for verified reviews, those are proven purchase made on amazon. Therefore you can be sure the person know what he or she is talking about.

    Honestly this is a major source of information, probably much better that someone who's job is to sell you the product.

    For exemple, I learned that the Magic Bullet & Nutri Bullet does not have line to measure the quantity of liquides.

    Here is how to improve your Nutri Bullet with ease:

    I Really think that buying my Nutri Bullet on amazon and not at walmart is simply a good move that everyone should do.

    Act now, Grab yourself a Nutri Bullet at a lower price.

    Fun Fact:

    • The will it blend series is testing a tons of ridiculous item into a blender, very interesting movie.

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  • This is Why I Haven't Bought my Magic Bullet at Target.

    Target Nutribullet

    Why I Have Not Bought My Magic Bullet At Target:

    I don’t have any issues with the Target department store in the least. If anything, Target has been rather useful for me over the years with regards to finding assorted groceries here and there. However, I did not bother to buy my Magic Bullet at Target.

    Rather, I chose to buy my Magic Bullet on I found it to be a much more efficient way for me to get this great small appliance for use in my home. Here’s a few of the best reasons why I went out to to get it.

    A More Convenient Option

    I compared Amazon and Target together in terms of how much they were charging for the Magic Bullet. They were both charging the same $79.99 price.


    However, I found that it was easier for me to buy it at because it was a more convenient choice for me. This is thanks to how Amazon provided me with a good deal on shipping while ensuring that I could actually get the product right to my door without having to leave the house. This meant that I did not have to bother traveling to a Target retail store to possibly bear with coming home empty handed because that Target location did not have it in stock.

    It’s Really New

    The problem with so many department stores is that people will often poke around at the boxes of the items they want to get. Sometimes they will open up those boxes and look around to see what’s inside. The worst people will steal small parts from those boxes.

    By ordering my NutriBullet by Magic Bullet from Amazon, I ensured that I was getting a totally new model that had not been tampered with, poked at or possibly pillaged by some petty thief. I actually got a model that I knew was guaranteed to really work and do wonders for my needs.

    Easy to Learn More

    Sometimes the employee at a physical store won’t know as much about a product as the people who have bought it to. They might have a small formation about the product but that won't be comparable to the experience of using a product in the everyday life.

    The reviews on the Amazon website helped me out by giving me good details on the positives and negatives features of the product. This ensured that I could find more information on the product including some details that the makers of the Magic Bullet might not be willing to share.

    For exemple, Magic Bullet & Nutri Bullet does not have line to measure the quantity of liquides.

    Here is how to improve your Nutri Bullet with ease:

    Easier to Pair Items

    It is much easier for people to pair items with one another on the Amazon website. I was able to find some great juicing books on the Amazon website as well as some helpful accessories and mixes to use with my Magic Bullet. These include products that Target may or may not actually sell. Therefore, I was able to get a better deal because I could find products that were worthwhile and useful for my desires.

    Overall, I feel that buying my Magic Bullet on the Amazon website instead of through a Target store was a smart move on my end. It was easy for me to get a great deal on this product while also ensuring I got the exact one that I wanted above all else.


    Fun Fact About Blenders:

    • The First Blander was invented in 1922 by a man named Stephen J. Poplawski. The AIM was to create a fountain drinks maker.

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  • How to Wash a Magic Bullet

    How To Wash Nutribullet

    You might be concidering the purchase of a Magic Bullet or Nutri Bullet and are wondering, is it easy to wash? Well, you have come to the right place. The purpose of this article is to show you how to wash a Magic Bullet. I also made a video to demonstrate. Obviously, this article concerns hand dish washing, because it goes without saying that if you have a dishwasher, you might use it to clean your Magic Bullet.

    How To Wash a Magic Bullet


    Rinse Your Magic Bullet


    The first step is to simply rinse it with water. Just like you would do with any other dish.

    Hint: The blade is clearly the thoughest part to wash. If it is real dirty even after you have rinsed it, you can simply give it a quick spin in an empty bullet jar, on the Magic Bullet motor . The centrifugal force will clear most of the dirt out of the blade. I made a demonstration in the video.


    Wash the Jar of Your Magic Bullet

    The second step is to wash it. Wash it like you would with another jar. The only thing you should pay attention to, are the four lines inside the jar. Food can get stuck asides them, so wash them carefully. The blade might be some sort of a challenge too. You have to make sure there is nothing left underneath it.


    Clean the Motor

    Finally, you might want to clean the motor of the Magic Bullet. You will not always have to do it, because usually it does not get dirty. But in case it does, you unplug it first. It is an electrical device after all, it could be dangerous. Then you should wash it with a lightly wet towel.

    Fun Fact

    Did you know that in 2005, the sales of dish detergent totaled an impressive 10 billion dollars!

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    Nutri Bullet By Magic Bullet Review
    Why I haven't bought my Magic Bullet at Walmart / Target.

  • Nutri Bullet by Magic Bullet Review

    NutriBullet Review

    I recently received the Nutri Bullet. The more powerfull version of the Magic Bullet. So far, I love it. I love to eat healthy and the Nutri Bullet is the perfect tool to help me do that. I can prepare delicious and super healthy smoothies with it super quickly. Let me tell you why I like my Nutri Bullet that much.

    Perfect to Prepare Smoothies

    If you have already tried to prepare a smoothie with a regular blender, you probably noticed that the fruits will often stick all togheter in the midle of the jar. Making it impossible for the blade to reach them, the blades will simply spin in the air until you open the jar and push on the fruits. Most of the time, you will have to push on them a couple of time before the finally get blended. With a Nutri Bullet, the fruits will still react the same, but you simply have to twist the jar and shake it so the fruits reach the blade. Honestly, it is much quicker and easier.

    Easy to Wash

    I do not have a dishwasher machine at home, so for me this part is very important as well. It is super quick to wash. I can say that it is quicker than with a regular blender, probably because the jar is less long and it does not have the shape of a funnel.

    It is Small

    I could not tell if it is a negative point or positive one, but the jar is small. It takes less space in your kitchen. In the same time, you cannot blend so much things at once with it.

    In the end I would say it is perfect to prepare smoothies and to blend some stuff as well, but blending a big batch of something would turn out to be a hassle. So if you already have a blender, keep it for the big jobs.

    Nutri Bullet Review by Me

  • Best Utility Knife Review

    Best Utility Knife

    What make a good Utility Knife?
    Which one is the best?

    First you must ask yourself why is a Utility Knife used.

    What they are not for?
    -They are not used for hours of chopping and mincing.
    -They are not make to break bones nor to cut around those.

    They are:
    Your everyday go to knife. If you need to cut through a small amount of things, the utility knife is handy usually far from heavy and always 1 hand away of your kitchen work place.

    You are probably using those to make a sandwich or to cut tomatoes.
    You can also use those to cut 1 onion from time to time.

    But if you are cooking for a lot of person, I hope you are using a Chef Knife.

    Now that we know what they are for, what makes a good one?
    A good utility knife is something not heavy, nor to long.
    The blade usually have around 4-5 Inches long. You do not want the handle to be too big neither. What you want here is a light tool that you can move around with ease.

    You will also need a very sharp blade, one that will be able to cut through that tomato or onion skin without tearing everything apart.

    For many of those reason, we suggest you to look at a ceramic utility knife.
    Here i why a Ceramic Knife is a better utility knife.

    But right now, we will look at the Best Utility Knife in general:

    What is the Best Utility Knife:

    We are going to look at the 10 best utility knife. We will analyze youtube video, amazon review and online reviews made on google & yahoo to ensure that we get the best and the worst of each knife.

    Once the process will be done, we are confident we will have a couple of extremely good Utility Knife to suggest.

    We will not make you loose time reading our disappointments, we will only write the reviews about the product we love and felt that they are the best in today's world.


    The Mercer Culinary Genesis 5-Inch Forged Utility Knife

    This is our top suggestion, to put it simple, we never saw any product with that much positive reviews and that low negative one.

    Rate on Amazon: 5/5 (With over 500 Reviews!)
    Our Rate based on Price: 5/5
    Price: $29.00 on

    There are review about this product everywhere.
    You can see it in action at the beginning of this youtube video:

    The Positive Reviews:

    People report it as an extremely sharp knife.
    Cutting through tomatoes like it was butter is one of the things that goes on and on while reading comments and online reviews on the product.

    People also report that for the price, this is the best quality you can hope to find. Even those that give negative reviews are talking about the prices...

    The Negative Reviews:

    Most negative review are about the handle. Many people seems to think it is a little too heavy for such a small blade.

    However, we find that nearly as many people report the handle to be too small compare to the others, that report the handle to be too long for nothing.

    I guess we can always find someone to complain about something.

    There are also a couple of people reporting that the edge retention is not so good.



    Wusthof Classic 4110 Serrated Utility Knife

    This is our second best suggestion. The reason is that even if it is one of the best rated knife we faced online, the price is far above the other that we selected.

    Rate on Amazon: 5/5
    Our Rate based on Price: 4.5/5
    Price: $49.95 on

    Sadly we haven't find any video online to show you this exact knife.
    However, the Wusthof 4.5 Inch Serrated utility Knife is very similar and you can see it in a video right there:

    The Positive Review:

    Most positive review are about the blade, it's sharpness and the handle.
    Many report it to be very comfortable.

    Many people report this knife is doing unbelievable jobs on citrus, tomato & sausages.
    (Most of the things you actually need a sharp utility knife to cook.)

    The Negative Review:

    Many report that the knife handle broke near the bolster.  However, some that had this trouble and contacted Wusthof received new knife without any question asked. (This is 100% in accordance to positive feedback that said excellent customer support).


    OXO Good Grips Professional 5-Inch Serrated Utility Knife

    This is the second most affordable deal we could found.

    Rate on Amazon: 4.5/5
    Our Rate based on Price: 4.5/5
    Price: $14.95 on

    You can see it in action on this video, sorry the quality is not amazing, but you can see it doing it's job.

    The Positive Reviews:

    Ideal go to knife, well balanced easy to use.

    Many people are talking about the handle, they said it is not called "Good Grips" for nothing.

    The Negative Reviews:

    The blade is flimsy and it make it looks like low quality.

    Some report it is not sharp enough, but not many, so I guess they might have got a defect one. (By opposition to Wusthof customer support I haven't found anyone saying that OXO offered them another knife upon seeing their insatisfaction.)

    Some are pushing it till saying you could buy a much affordable knife in your local store and end up with something very similar.


    J.A. Henckels International Fine Edge Pro 5-Inch Stainless-Steel Utility Knife

    This is the most affordable deal we could found.

    Rate on Amazon: 4.5/5
    Our Rate based on Price: 4.5/5
    Price: $11.95 on


    The Positive Reviews:

    People report it is Very Sharp out of the box & that the value for the price is really good.

    The handle has no special comments about it, not incredible, but no negative comments about it neither. However, the size of the whole knife from the blade to the end of the handle was reported as perfect by many reviewer and blogger.

    The Negative Reviews:

    The knife is reported by many to be hard to sharpen & not sharp equally from the tips to the end of the blade.

    Also the sharpness seems to get away fast... but a $12.00 knife should not last forever...
    It is also showing rust based on many reviews. Still, if you hand wash it and dry it right after, that cannot happen. (And you should proceed like this for all quality of knives.)



    1. Expert say a Sharp Knife is Safer than a Dull one.
      They said that they are more predictable in their work, easier to control and that you will less time put yourself in a dangerous positions fighting to cut through somethings.
    2. The First Serrated Knife made was in 1893 and actually was a Bread Knife.
    3. Serrated Knife usually keep their "sharpness" much longer. This is due to the fact that you are mostly using those as "Saws". Even if they are less sharp than when you took it out from the box, you will still be able to saw through your meal and might not realize that they have became dull.
  • Why I haven't bought my Spiralizer at Target?

    Target Spiralizer

    Introduction - Why I Haven't Bought my Spiralizer at Target?

    The nutritional facts about vegetable noodles compare to your everyday noodles are making the Spiralizer a rising star in every mans kitchen.

    Even if you are not looking to lose weight, those noodle spirals are very tasty and crunchy.

    Price Comparison:

    At or in Target shops, you can have a No Name Very Cheap Spiralizer for around 15.00.
    While on you may buy a better much one for $19.00 you can  add the fact that it is going to be delivered directly at the customer front door... I do not understand why one would loose time and go directly to the mall.

    Now, if you are looking into quality, Target is selling the Kitchen Aid Spiralizer for a huge $99.00 prices.

    Honestly if you want quality, you can choose and buy the Paderno Spiralizer. It is the most popular one. You can also find it on for a reasonable prices of $31.

    However, you cannot even find that brand at Target, they only sale their no brand replica.

    As you may understand, whether you looking at cheap prices or quality it is always better to order it online, straight to your house.


    Amazing customer support!

    During my different experience with the Target Customer care personal I learned that they can be very good. I was even surprise to see how motivated they were to fix my trouble. They surely beat a lot of other business in terms of customer services.

    A couple of months ago I started to buy online most of my things... I finally learned an important truth: Amazon is taking the customer support one step farther.

    They mostly trust you with your words when you say something is wrong. They work hard on making you happy being ready to give partial refund or total refund without asking too much.

    They even do SURPRISE partial refund!
    Giving you cash back on your order without you even asking for it.
    Let me explain: I shipped a pastry brush in Canada from amazon US. I guess I was the first one to grab it, because they charged an estimated custom fees.


    A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from them. They did something no other business on earth would have done. They actually told me: "You paid too much fo shipping and custom handle, here is a refund!"

    Honestly, each time I talked with amazon customer support I was amazed.


    Straight to your front door:

    One of the biggest advantage of buying your spiralizer at amazon is that you will get the product delivered straight to your door.


    I am not sure if you already calculate it... but going to the shopping mal with your wife (or husband) taking 1 hours just to go and come back is actually costing you a lot! (Think about your hourly salary)

    Because you do not have to take that much time nor to buy gas for your car, you save even more by going to!

    You will also save time, even if you do not look at time as money. You will save the time to search the product and to wait in line! You will also receive free suggestion of the product you could buy with your Spiralizer. In my case I grabbed a recipe ebook.

    Straight to your beloved one door!
    For gift, amazon really is awesome. You can let your friend or far living family know you love them and think about them with ease. Just pay a little addition for gift wrapping and it will be beautifully wrapped. You will also be able to personalize a cute message for them.

    Do like I did, buy your Spiralizer on NOW.

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