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  • Why I have not bought my Keurig at Target

    Keurig Walmart

    Many Reasons Told Me to NOT Buy my Keurig at Target

    Like many people, I am extremely proud of my Keruig K400 brewing system. It is much much better than my previous coffee maker, which was a standard, boring drip coffee maker.

    My Keurig:

    I can easily and quickly make a variety of coffee drinks and hot teas, hot chocolates, and other hot drinks with just the push of a button. One of the best things about it is that I can make hot chocolate for the kids and coffee for me and my husband. My husband and I have two different favorite brands, so there is no more arguing about that either. I never throw out half a pot of coffee anymore either.

    But none of those reasons are why I bought my Keruing K400 on instead of at Target.

    Cheaper on Amazon Than on Target:

    Price on $139.99
    Price at $169.99

    Those numbers speak for themselves. No need of a huge explanation for this argument, you simply save $30.00 by buying it on amazon.

    Shipping is Guaranteed and Safe.

    Not only it is cheaper to buy on Amazon, but it easier to buy. Shipping on is much less of a hassle, and because it is always guaranteed, I never have to worry about things I buy from Amazon being lost or stolen.

    This is probably the biggest reason why I bought my Keruig 400 brewing system through . Shipping through is faster, cheaper, and more reliable than through just about any other retailer online, or in store.

    Amazon has perfected the art and science of buying and selling things online. They know how to ship everything promptly and properly so you get what you want and need when you want and need it.

    You Will Avoid the Crowds.

    One of the biggest advantages to shopping online through places like Amazon is avoiding the crowds and general hassle that comes from buying a product in the store. There is no waiting in line, no annoying customers to avoid, no pushy salespeople, no driving to the store, and none of the other hassles that come with going to the store. While Target also offers the option of buying online, there are several disadvantages over Amazon, especially when it comes to buying the Keruing K400 online.

    More Choices:

    One of the biggest advantages over Target that Amazon has is their much wider selection of products, styles, and models.

    While this is true in general when it comes to comparing Amazon to Target, this is especially true when it comes to the Keruing K400. Target only has three colors available for purchase and two that are in stock, while Amazon has five colors available.

    The website for Amazon is organized much better, as well. It is much easier to find and compare different marks and models while on the Amazon website. There are several similar models that can be bought on Amazon with just the touch of your screen or the click of a mouse. Comparing models is easy as well, as it is easy to find a list of specs, a detailed question and answer section, and multiple reviews. Even better, amazon also provides you a list of items that others people bought.

    For all those reason I suggest you to do as I did, buy your Keurig at Amazon NOW.

  • Why Walmart is not the best place to buy a slow cooker!

    Walmart Crockpot

    Why I did not bought my Slow Cooker at Walmart.

    I am really enjoying to cook with a slow cooker. With it come to heat healthier while saving time, my slow cooker is there for me.

    When I first wanted to bought my slow cooker it was at Walmart... after some reflexion and reading online I choose to buy it at, here is why.

    #1: It's much cheaper

    Let's make this clear: for the same brand, you will realize that amazon is usually the best place for your hard earned cash.

    Rent, employee salaries & electricity - all of these are costs passed on to you by physical stores that you can avoid by purchasing online.
    You might argue: "What about shipping fees?". Well, most of the listing are allowing you to get free shipping. Once you will have realize that you can buy everything on amazon, I swear you will become a Premium members and enjoy tons of advantages.

    It is even possible to save more by taking a secondhand slow cooker. They are usually facing a minimum of 10% off. And you can still enjoy amazon guaranteed of satisfaction!
    Just make sure you check up the seller's reputation to avoid being stung.

    Here is a concrete Exemple, For this slow cooker, the CrockPot 6 Qt.

    It is $48.87 on amazon  while you can find it at walmart for a huge $59.96.

    The difference is around $9.00, clear proof that it is better to grab it on

    #2: You won't have to leave your house!

    I know some days you need something but really do not want to go out of the house. I am not always ready to leave the house and my wife even less lol. Still we need to buy things and amazon was a great deal for us. It allow us to get our Slow cooker delivered straight to my door.

    Even better for us, we leave kind of far from the Walmart shop, we saved around 20 minutes of car, 2 times!

    My wife and I are both freelancers and working on our time, saving 40 minutes each by going on a website to order is also representing a lot of money. PLUS, we did not had to pay the gaz! The shipping was 100% free.

    #3: They offer incredible suggestion.

    Honestly, the proposition that amazon is giving you are up to scary. They always track everything you are shopping and they know what could be a nice addition to your, in this case, slow cooker.

    They end up showing me recipe books and spatulas, most of those ideas, I already look at it and I was glad they suggest it. It is literally like having your personal shopping assistant that keep in mind what you want and need.

    Of course I could have found similar product in the shopping center, at Walmart. However, no one would have suggest those to me nor would have remind me about my other needs.

    It is always better to buy your cooking equipment online at amazon and I will probably not go to Walmart anymore... except to try things out and see if I prefer a shape or another for a knife, etc.

    See the top Slow cooker on amazon now:

  • Why I haven't bought my Microwave at Sears.

    Microwave Sears

    This is why I did not bought my Microwave from a Sears Retailer.

    This is the story and explanation of why I haven't bought my microwave at Sears.

    Sears retailer shop are only selling higher quality brand that are mostly exclusive to sears.
    The results is that you cannot go there and find some more affordable deals. of course, if you are looking at top expensive brand Sears might be for you.

    However, you can have the same brand on retail site such as amazon and enjoy similar prices delivered for free straight to your doors!

    Less choices at Sears & more expensive on their online market place:

    It is very hard to compare Sears prices with other retailer. The reason is that they have very limited amount of brand. You cannot compare the most affordable brand prices with them. One simple reason, they do not have those.

    If you go on their website and search in their online shopping mail (something similar as they have outsiders selling those more affordable brand.

    But you will always find it at a lower price on

    For exemple, let's look at the:
    Westinghouse WCM660B 600

    The price at Sears Market Place is: $84.90
    The price on is:  $50.50

    Those prices speak for themselves.

    Directly through your door:

    As I said before, buying online will bring your microwave delivered straight to your doors. And that my friend is a huge economy by itself. No time lost to go to the mall & wait in line.

    You will save gaz money and time.
    This is without saying how funny it is to simply go to your front door in the morning and find a gift for you! It is like christmas lol.

    More information about the product on

    If you are like me and love to know more about what you are buying before buying it, you surely already realize that the workers of sears aren't the best help for you.

    I can't blame them, why would they have tried all microwave to be able. Therefore they aren't really able to help us to know which microwave is the best for my price range. (Without saying that sears is having a huge price range... they only got expensive one...)

    Amazon on it's end is showing you tons of reviews about hundreds of microwave. You can make up your mind by looking at their start rating system very fast and read some comments to ensure you understand the strong and week point of the item you want.

    Be sure to read verified purchase reviews. This is a unique system amazon came up with. It is a proof that the person really bought the microwave online, at amazon. This system is really increasing the value of all reviews.

    Do like I did, look at the top 10 microwave on now.

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  • Why I haven't Bought my Microwave at Target

    Microwave Sears

    This Is An Explanation Of Why I Did Not Grab My Microwave at Target.

    Surviving without a microwave is hard because the device makes cooking easier and quicker in the modern Kitchen. Another hard thing that is actually an easy thing that has been over complicated is buying a microwave oven.

    When picking a microwave, you should be interested in its features and extras, its warranty period, the reliability of the shopping service you are using, and the hustle you are going through to get the product. All these are additional considerations that you make after settling on the price you are willing to pay.

    Shopping Online Will Give You a MUCH Better Price!

    Shopping online is a much better option compared to going to a physical shop.

    Because a microwave is a not a perishable good, you have no worry about getting damaged products after you have already purchased. From the many available online shopping options, Amazon offers the best price, and the best deal overall for handling your shipment.

    For example, did you know that Curtis-Stainless-Steel Microwave sells at $96.23 at Amazon, when the same product sells at $107.33 at Wal-Mart & Target?
    The other retailers might have the product, but they do not have an efficient operation similar to Amazon, thus their prices are often higher.

    Easier to Get Information About the Products:

    Another good thing about shopping for your microwave at Amazon is the large community of shoppers that you can tap to for information about what you are buying.

    Amazon has become a household name for online shopping and many people across the world are now using it for all kinds of purchases. This gives you a large pool of reviewers of the microwave you are looking for.

    Before committing your money, you can read the user reviews and know whether the product is the one that will suit your needs. Other shopping sites are overshadowed in this area. They have very few reviews and physical stores like Target actually lack this option.

    Amazon also offer you the chance to look out only for real "verified purchase" reviews. This is allowing you to be 100% sure the person bought the product via amazon before writing about it.

    Complementary Suggestion that Blows Your Mind:

    Amazon also gives your suggestions of what others are buying to accompany the microwave. It is like having a shopping assistant that understands your shopping preferences and knows what you will be interest in next.

    Moreover, looking at the suggestions does not cost you a thing.

    Save on Fuel & Time:

    As you go on to get your microwave, consider amazon as the best option for your cash. You are not spending fuel and stuck in traffic just to get to the store, and you do not have to deal with long lines at the cashier just to get one item. Amazon makes single and bulk purchases prompt just like you want the shopping experience to be.

    Free shipping:

    The best reason for why I haven't bought my microwave at Target and for going for the Amazon option is that, you can also qualify for free shipping.

    At the convenience of your phone or tablet as well as from a laptop and desktop computer, shopping has never been this easy. Amazon has a good reputation for shipping, it offers the lowest prices, has a large user base that provides a sufficient level of discussion on any product that is listed on the online retailer, and the user friendliness of the website reduces the headaches that may arise when shopping online or offline in other retailers.

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  • Why I did not bought my Crock Pot at Walmart.

    Walmart Crockpot

    Why I did not bought my Crock Pot at Target or Walmart.

    I'm the sort of person that loves shopping for kitchen equipment - especially high tech toys like sous vide machines and digital crock-pots.

    Just like how some people trip out over car gadgets or decorative knick-knacks, shuffling around the pots and pans section gives me a kick, as I stare at things I'm not actually going to buy. Not because I don't need more (though it's true), but because it's simply better to buy it online.
    While online shopping doesn't let you have that hands-on feel, it's definitely the better option than making your purchase at places like Target or Walmart.

    Here are three reasons why I bought my Crock Pot on

    #1: It's cheaper

    Let's get this out of the way: pound for pound, brand for brand, you're more than likely to find that Amazon sells it for a lower price than a retailer. Ground rent, employee salaries and benefits, advertisement fees - all of these are costs passed on to you by brick and mortar stores that you can avoid by purchasing online.
    "What about shipping fees?" you may ask. Well, it's not hard to find listings that offer free shipping - the major sellers usually offer it as a way of competing with other sellers.
    Additionally, if you're willing to take a gamble, you can find secondhand ones easily, which will save you even more. Simply copy the name and paste, and voila: you've just given yourself at least a 10% discount. Just make sure you check up the seller's reputation to avoid being stung.

    For this CrockPot 6 Qt.

    The price on amazon was $48.87 while the price at walmart is a huge $59.96.

    As you can see, the difference is of over $10.00, making amazon a much better place to order it.

    #2: You don't have to go out

    Sometimes, we're busy. Sometimes, we don't buy these things because we want to, but because we need to, because the silly thing just had to break down right before the monthly family potluck, and the husband just doesn't understand that no, you can't not bring a dish this time... you get the idea.
    It's a fringe case, but when it happens, it's nice to know that you can get it sent to your doorstep. Bonus points if you live in a distant neighborhood and the nearest store is a thirty minute drive away. And while most retailers these days offer delivery too, it usually only comes free if your purchase is above a certain amount, as of compared to almost always free (see: #1).


    #3: You can find special deals

    It's worth noting that online sellers offer services like free gift wrapping, which can make a difference when the object is clunky - crock-pots, pans, or other such large items basically. And you know how presentation is everything. At the very least, you save a couple of dollars in buying a tube of wrapping paper you'll toss into storage and never use again.
    Some sellers also offer token gifts like cookbooks or travel bags, either complementary or for a additional price below the regular amount.

    In conclusion, it's all around a better deal to buy your equipment like the crock-pot online.

    Sorry, local Walmart, but it's really difficult to argue with all the free stuff I'm getting. I'll still visit you, though, if not just to try out the handles.

  • I Did Not Bought My Knife Sharpener at Walmart... Here Is Why!

    Walmart Minosharp

    Here is why I personally Chose to not Buy my Knives Sharpener at Walmart.

    Even if Walmart is helpful when it come to look at the stuff with your own eye or to touch and try it with your bare hand, it is not the best place to grab yourself a Knife Sharpener.

    Here is my short story and why I bought it on

    A Huge Price Difference:

    I did my shipping online, looking at reviews, youtube video, etc.
    The results, I wanted to buy the Electric EverSharp knife sharpener by Presto.

    I was shocked of the difference between the price of and Walmart.

    Just so we are sure to talk about the same product, here is a picture of the product:

    The price for it on is ONLY $25.99.
    While on it is at the "Reduced price" of $42.46

    More Choice on Amazon

    I also have the Mino Sharp 3 that I bought on
    I wanted to have and try an electric one and we was not able to compare the mino sharp 3 at walmart... they do not have it in stock.

    See the Mino Sharp plus 3 in action here:

    It is not a shock for anyone, amazon is the online retailer that have the most choice in stock and brands.

    I always double check if it is cheaper somewhere else, it can happen, but usually amazon is the clear winner.

    Better and Easier To Find Feedback and Reviews.

    Did you ever hear: "I got it at my home and this is amazing!" ?

    Usually someone that work in a retail physical shop will be saying everything they can to sell you the product you are looking for. Some are getting commissions other are just rated by their boss based on their conversion. In all cases, they want you to buy it.

    You will never get honest review in a retail shops as you would get on

    On amazon, someone will tell you: "I regret I made this purchase" or "This is the best deal I ever found!". (Be sure to look at honest review, verified purchase status is a must for being taken seriously.)

    Straight to Your Door

    You probably already know it, but it worth a reminder.
    If you buy at Walmart, you are also loosing a lot of time to go to the shop and cash in gas.

    For most purchase, amazon is providing with free shipping which save you time & gaz cash.
    This is without mentioning that getting a gift at the door is always really fun!

    I strongly suggest you to do as I did, grab your knife sharpener at amazon now.

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