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  • Top 5 Coffee Makers

    Top 5 Coffee Maker

    The Best Coffee Maker:

    A great cup of coffee can help you start your day off right but it won’t be possible without a good-quality coffee maker. These five options are the best to consider.

    Hamilton Beach 12-Cup BrewStation Dispensing Coffee Maker

    Rating on amazon (Over 1125 Ratings)
    3.5 Stars on a max of 5

    Our Rating Based on Prices:
    4.5 Star on a max of 5

    Hamilton Beach made this particular coffee maker as a model that doesn’t have its own carafe or pot. Instead, you can get coffee from this by placing a mug or cup onto the proper dispensing setup and pressing down to get the coffee to come out of it. It comes with a water tank that features a clearly labeled display gauge and uses controls for bold, regular and iced coffees that can be programmed right on its main body.

    Honestly, this is my favorite model. It is the one that I bought for my brother and he really love it (I also enjoyed it at his house).
    Plus, the prize is really low compare to other similar quality products.

    Buy it now:
    On amazon: It is only $34.92


    Cuisinart Extreme Brew 10-Cup Thermal Programmable Coffee Maker

    Rating on amazon (Over 135 Ratings)
    3.5 Stars on a max of 5

    Our Rating Based on Prices:
    3 Star on a max of 5

    This model from Cuisinart is a rather efficient one that brews quickly. It uses a 24-hour programmable clock and settings to let it brew from one to ten cups at a time. The Brew Strength control allows you to determine the overall brewing cycle so you can have your coffee as light or bold as you want. The Brew Pause feature will also let you stop the brewing process in the middle so you can enjoy some coffee before the entire batch is finished. The thermal carafe that is included can also be washed in a dishwasher.

    The best feature really is the fast brewing. However, for the difference of the price and the fact that you will have to wash a Carafe, I think the Hamilton Brew Station is better.

    Buy it now:
    On amazon: It is $124.99

    Black and Decker 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker
    (Also available in black)

    Rating on amazon (Over 480 Ratings)
    4 Stars on a max of 5

    Our Rating Based on Prices:
    4 Star on a max of 5

    This is a basic Black and Decker model that uses a standard display and has a few control buttons on the bottom that are clearly labeled and therefore very easy for you to use. You can use the Sneak-A-Cup feature to stop the brewer and get a cup before the entire pot has finished brewing. This shuts off after the brewing is complete. The filter basket is also very easy to open up and use. The various parts of this coffee maker, including the filter basket, are all dishwasher safe.

    Buy it now:
    On Amazon it is only $57.42


    Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

    Rating on amazon (Over 5200 Ratings)
    4 Stars on a max of 5

    Our Rating Based on Prices:
    4.5 Star on a max of 5

    Mr. Coffee made this coffee maker model with the Grab-a-Cup feature that pauses the brewing process. It also uses a delay brew that allows the user to program the maker to brew it at the right time and with a particular strength in mind. The display also has some lights to help the user identify what type of coffee one wants to get out of the machine at a given time. This ensures that the user will have more control over the brewing process. A water level window is also included on the side. It is easy to open up the top of the coffee maker to fill the water container and to get the filter and grounds set up as needed.

    This is my second favorite after the Hamilton Coffee Maker. If you like the carafe, this is probably your best quality price ratio you can find.

    Buy it now:
    On Amazon it is only $29.74


    KitchenAid 10-Cup Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker

    Rating on amazon (Over 30 Ratings)
    2.5 Stars on a max of 5

    Our Rating Based on Prices:
    2.5 Star on a max of 5

    The last option to see is this choice from KitchenAid that is made with a stainless steel design. It uses a well-insulated carafe and will shut off after it is done brewing. The small buttons on the display are linked to a display screen that simplifies the startup process and ensures that the user can get coffee brewed the right way. The water tank is secured through a flap at the top to keep the tank covered up properly so it will be easier to load it up and then seal it off.

    The strong point of this Brewer is the Ease you will have to use it and it's amazing simple looks.

    Buy it now:
    On Amazon it is $199.95


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  • Why I Did Not Bought my Microwave at Walmart

    Walmart Microwave

    My microwave oven is getting old. Like really old, the numbers pad is all teared out by years of usage. It takes forever to bake my eggs in it in the morning. I am also tired of his white color. I am getting microwave sick. Anyways, I started looking to buy another one.


    Online Comparison


    Like I do for almost everything around $100 I want to buy, I started my shoping online. I want to make sure I make the right choice. The best microwave oven at the lowest price possible is what I consider the right choice.

    Comparing online I've found prices to be somewhat, comparable on and on Walmart. I was about to go out on the road to the nearest Walmart in my neiborghood. And something held me back, a thought. The thought of the last time I went there.


    Reasons Why I Usualy Do Not Like To Go At Walmart


    The delicious and so tempting smell of the McDonald as soon as your foot enters the Walmart. I am not on a diet, but I pay a close attention to what type of food I put in my body, McDonald simply does not meet the requirements. I know my mind is strong enough to resist the temptation of a BigMac, but why whould I submit myself to this useless temptation?

    The crowd of wild and rushed people. It starts in the parking, everybody is ready to do the most vicious things just to get an empty space of parking. And I am like: "Come on man, you clearly saw that old lady trying to cross the street, you could have stop and let her go. But no, you HAD to accelerate to pick the closest parking spot."

    I am not even talking about how hard it can sometimes be to walk with a shopping cart in the alleys. I always feel the alleys are too small to handle the crowd of customers there is at the Walmart. When you walk those alley, there are only 2 options, either there is someone in your way, or you are in the way of someone while trying to compare the microwaves and find the best deal.

    It is not that I am asocial, but I do not like to see my congeners not being in their best mood. Neither do I want them to see me impatient or borderline frustrated.

    In the end, luckily for me, I found the best microwave oven deal on Amazon.

  • Best Microwave at Walmart

    Top Microwave Walmart

    Top 5 Microwaves at Walmart

    Are you looking forward to buying a microwave for your home or office?
    Walmart offers an impressive array of microwaves with different capabilities, and at different prices.

    Below are some of the most popular sold at Walmart.


    Frigidaire 30" 1.6 Cu Ft 1000W Over-the-Range Microwave Oven, Black

    Rating 4.1
    Rating 3.3

    Price $199.99
    Price $219.00

    It is one of the most popular Frigidaire microwave sold by Walmart, based on the 63 good reviews. The following are the reasons it is  popular:

    It features sensor cooking. The sensor cooking feature helps the microwave to automatically adjust power levels and the cooking times so as to be able to effortlessly cook a variety of foods. Same for unfroze feature.

    This microwave has set as you need timer and strength, so you can preset the cooking instruction of your favorite meals.

    It features smudge-proof outside material, thus, resisting fingerprints and easing cleaning.

    Positive Reviews are talking about:
    Does the simple job well.
    If you need something simple, to defrost your food and heat your coffee back, this is a good unite.
    Even positive review report that the beep is annoying....

    Negative Review are saying:
    Bad customers services, you have to pay to ship the product back even if it is defect upon reception, needless to say that with a microwave, it is very expensive. They can also decide to offer you a deal, a discounted repair services, which will cost you MORE than the microwave itself....

    The Beep of the microwave is reported as being very annoying and you can't change the volume nor the sounds of it.

    The pad seems like brooking regularly on many models, it seems like it would be a design error.  If every negative reviews were about Lemon, they would not all break at the same places.

    This is probably not your best choice, the reason is simple, 25% of reviews are 1 star, they mostly all faced, not only a broken microwave in the warranty time but had a hell of a time with their customer services. If you plan to buy it, buy it via, they saved the day to most negative reviewer.


    GE 2.0 Cu. Ft. Countertop Microwave Oven

    Rating 2.9
    Rating 4.6

    Price $219.00
    Price $219.00

    After 1800+ good reviews, the microwave has an impressive rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 stars at walmart.

    Sadly the same product isn't as popular on, however, I would not consider too much the amazon review in this case, basically because they only had 22 reviews and most negative one aren't proven amazon purchases, which make everything even weirder.
    The 2.0 cubic feet countertop microwave oven presents a range of impressive features:

    It has user-friendly and intuitive sensor cooking controls. The stainless microwave oven has one-touch instant-on controls.

    The microwave has a 2 cubic feet capacity which is suitable for family-sized portions.

    It features a weight and timed defrost. You just need to enter the weight of the food, and the oven will automatically set the ideal defrosting time and appropriate power level. Alternatively, you can set your desired time for defrosting.

    It features 1200 watts of power
    To crown it all, for all the benefits this microwave grants, it is really affordable.

    Positive Reviews are talking about:
    They do everything just write.
    Exactly like advertised, the feature works.

    Negative Review are saying:
    All negative review are about the same thing:
    They tend to break kind of fast, between the first and second year.
    GE services does not seems to be helping people a lot. However, there is an easy fix:

    When taking up that microwave, it seems like it is playing treasure hunt. The positive reviews are amazing about it while most negative report an early break.

    I looked online and haven't find the official warranty about that product. However, I found many people that weren't able to get helped with a defect product.

    The $15.00, 3 Years Warranty protection sold via is the best way to buy yourself a safe quality product.



    Magic Chef 1.1 cu ft Digital Microwave, White

    Rating 3.00
    Rating 4.4

    Price $84.00
    Price $79.00

    This microwave rates 4.4 stars out of 5 stars after 240+ reviews at walmart.

    The following are the features that make this appliance stand out from the rest:

    t features 10 power levels permitting you to cook or heat your food just the way you desire.

    It features eight quick-set menus.
    It has auto-defrost settings.
    It features touchpad that are easy to use.

    The microwave has 1000 watts of cooking power.

    Positive Reviews are talking about:
    The inside is large enough to fit most frozen dinner or plates.
    Strength is good, you can follow most timing instruction on frozen, ready to eat meal.
    Protective plastic fiber over the

    Negative Review are saying:
    The door is jamming, hard to open, more than one people report they have to shake it up and down.
    Light does not open with door open.
    Stop to heat fast fast, around 1 year.

    The cover of the magnetron (inside the microwave) is a piece of wax-coated cardboard. Making it very hard to clean, without saying the cardboard is tearing apart after 4-5 washing.

    All negative views are about it breaking and jamming fast. Once again the warranty is affordable and will surely change your experiences. Buying it on amazon with a 3 years extended warranty would only cost you ONLY $8.00 more!


    GE Profile 2.2 Cubic Ft. Countertop Microwave Oven

    Rating 3.00
    Rating 4.4 (With 1100+ Review)

    Price $307.00
    Price $435.00

    It has the following features:

    It features a child-proof locking feature. With its simple touchpad control panel, you can make the microwave off-limit for children.

    It features a 2.2 cubic ft capacity inside. This makes it ideal for preparing family-sized portions.
    There is a sensor cooking and defrosting feature.

    With its 1,200 watts of power you can trust your meals to be thoroughly, completely and quickly cooked.

    It features a warming oven that keeps foods warm and fresh. Even on low settings, the converter technology will deliver constant power.

    Positive Reviews are talking about:
    1 Year Warranty that seems to be respected. (That is better than all our other reviews)
    Easy to clean.
    Cook more evenly every meal than other microwaves.

    Negative Review are saying:
    Most negative review are saying they stop to work properly very fast, around 1 year.
    They do not offer extended warranty on that product on amazon nor on walmart site, maybe in store. (That would be important considering the price, you want it to last more than 1 year)

    A couple of person report it burned and/or that there war a fire inside.

    Customer service seems to take around 30 to 40 days to get the technician, find the problem and get it fixed while it was in warranty.

    It seems like it is an amazing product. However, you might face a bad luck and be one of the people that get a defect one. With only 1 year warranty and for the price, I would consider it kind of a risky purchase.

    Still if you could have it with an extended warranty from a shop, that's a good product.


    Panasonic NN-SN952S Countertop/Built-in Microwave

    Rating 4.4
    Rating None yet, new model of a 4.4 on 5 rated one. (With 1100+ Review)

    Price $205.51
    Price $249.95


    These are some of its outstanding features:

    It features 1250W cooking power with ten power levels, thus, versatile enough to complete any cooking or heating job.

    It features a removable glass revolving turntable for more even cooking.
    It features a child-lock feature, sensor cooking, timer, and many more other features.

    Positive Reviews are talking about:
    1 Year Warranty that seems to be respected. (That is better than all our other reviews)
    Easy to clean.
    Cook more evenly every meal than other microwaves.

    Negative Review are saying:
    The door is hard to close and jam.

    For our point of view this is the best microwave one could get.
    This is by far the one with happiest customers.


    Fun Fact:

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  • Why I Returned My Keurig at Walmart

    Walmart Keuring

    Lately, I was thinking about purchasing a Keurig coffee maker. I mean, it makes great coffee and it is very quick and clean. No mess with a coffee filter that you accidentally drop on the floor. So, I drove to nearest Walmart and bought myself a Keurig Brewer. It cost me around $100, I found it kind of pricey, but I was thinking about all the time I would save and all the mess I would avoid with a Keurig machine at home, so I bought it.


    Over Priced Coffee in K-Cups


    My first big surprise was the cost of the k-cup. On amazon, even the cheapest I could find were like $0.35 a cup. It does not sound so much if you calculate the price per cup. But when you calculate it per pound, the k-cups are around 3 times more expensive than a usual coffee maker.

    When I made this discovery, I started regretting my purchase. I know there is a reusable cup, but with this reusable cup you completely lose the convenience and speed of a k-cup. I am not sure if it is just me who is incompetent at pouring coffee in the reusable cup, but I also found my coffee to be less tasty when using the reusable cup.


    The Keurig is Fast, But Not for More Than One Person

    I mean it is super fast to brew a coffee with this machine, when you are using the overpriced k-cups. You just start the machine, make sure there is water in it and 2 minutes later you are ready to brew a cup of coffee. Brewing a cup is around 30 seconds, but it only brews one cup at a time.

    This is real good for only one cup of fast coffee.
    I mean you do not have to pour water in a coffee maker, fill a filter with coffee, start the coffee machine and wait from 3 to 5 minutes until the coffee is brewed. But when you are preparing coffee for a group of person, I found it was really exhausting to prepare coffee for more than 2 people with a Keurig.

    For every cup you have to open the Keurig and change the k-cup. With a regular coffee maker, once the coffee is brewing, whether it's for 1 person or 5 person, you just have to wait. So in my sense, the Keurig is more convenient, but only when I am preparing coffee just for me.

    K-Cups are Not Environmental Friendly

    To be very honest, I am not paying super attention to the environment in my everyday life. I try to do what I can for the environment, as long as it does not waste too much of my time. But honestly, I kind of started feeling a bit guilty throwing 2 plastic cups everyday (1 for me, 1 for my girlfriend) in the garbage.

    In the end, after 2 weeks of use (after I used my last k-cup), I went back to Walmart and got my Keurig refunded. I ended up buying a Mr. Coffee programmable machine for only $30 and a big box full of ground coffe for just $20. I am very happy with my choice!

    Not Fun Fact:

    Over 9 Billion K-Cup likely end in landfills last years.

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  • Top 5 Keurig Accessories

    Keurig Accessories

    Best Keurig Accessories

    If you are like me, you simply love your Keurig Coffee maker. I simply enjoy it every morning, evening (when I get to tired) and afternoon... Yes, I might use too much caffeine.

    Two Kinds of Accessories.

    There is not a lot of accessories out there for it.
    Let me rephrase, there is A LOT of accessories, but they are all the same type.

    1- Looking for Storage Drawer, Support or Organizer?

    This is the category of accessories that I prefer. They allow you to structure your kitchen. The aim is to improve the look of the kitchen by keeping things organized. They are usually increasing the ease of reach to the famous k-cup.

    Even if Keurig are selling some support for over $60.00, I prefer the one made by Mind Reader. It cost only $16.00 bucks. Perfect for a nice looking kitchen.

    The Official Keurig $60.00 support:

    The Mind Reader Support:

    Now if you are the one that prefer something really organized I got the thing for you.
    Keurig is not making something like this yet, but Mind Reader goes and read up my mind for my needs at the office.

    This is the Mind Reader Organizer:

    Can you guess the price of this beauty?
    It is only $20.00 (Still $40.00 less than the poor Keurig Support!)

    Honestly, if Keurig was to make this kind of organizer I do not even want to guess the price they would sell those.

    Storage Drawer:

    Even if I prefer to show the world my collection of k-cup I understand that you might prefer to have a drawer just under your Keurig. This is much more subtle and many people prefer this approach.

    You usually can find good storage drawer for Keurig machine at around $15.00.
    It might surprise you that it is not more expensive, but you should not pay more than $20.00 for one.

    Let me suggest you my 2 favorites drawer. One with only 1 big drawer and the other, more sophisticated with 3 drawers.

    1 Big drawer made by Deco Bros, ONLY $16.00

    Or, my favorite one made by AmazonBasics, only $17.42 on amazon.

    2- Environnemental friendly K-Cup.

    I guess I am not the first one to make you realize it, but K-cup aren't that much environnemental friendly. You use it and throw it in the garbage.

    Except if you are a genius artist I do not really see what you can do with k-cup.
    (I looked around and honestly nobody is doing something awesome with those on youtube, yahoo nor on google)

    The solution?
    A reusable K-Cup!

    Keurig are making those themselves, but as always they are really expensive and you can find many more affordable version online (and in store).

    The Keurig reusable K-Cup is $8.99 on while you can have 6 of the generic marks for $9.72:


    If you know other useful accessories for your Keurig Coffee Maker, thanks for leaving those in comments, I will try those for sure!

    In the mean time, look at those 40 favor in a box!

  • Important Features of Microwaves.

    Microwave Features

    Top 5 Features for Microwaves.

    When looking at a microwave you might be looking at the strength (in watts) of it, at the capacity or at the overall size of it.

    But do you consider looking at the unique feature some microwave are having?

    1- Child Lock

    Having a child lock on your microwave might be good, especially if you actual have kids. It mean that you can start to cook something and lock it so they are not able to open it.

    This is helping you in your everyday life. It allow you to perform multi tasking without even being worried about a kid opening your microwave and burning himself with a too hot meal.

    2- Add 30 Seconds Feature

    If you are like me and like to cook pop corn on the microwave this is probably one of the best feature you can have.

    When a pop corn is starting to pop, you must never stop it. Or you are done.

    The best thing to do if the timer is getting low and the corn still popping is to simply push on that +30 Sec. button! A life saver for sure!

    3- An Auto defrost, that work!

    Most microwave have an auto-defrost feature, but many of those are simply not working. Cooking the meat too much or leaving it ice cold happen to me really often.

    We suggest you to look for reviews on about the microwave you want and look for comments about that feature. Or do some search on

    Some microwave are now using moister detector to know if your food is defrost for real, this is a very nice feature to have.

    We also strongly suggest you to read the manual before using that feature, so you can know the best way to use it.

    4- Convection cooking

    As you probably know, a convection oven is reputed to cook faster and to eat the food more evenly.

    This feature is not normally available on cheap oven but could really be an addition to your kitchen.


    5- Inverter Technology

    Asking you microwave to cook things at 50% or 60% strength regularly?

    Did you knew that most microwave use only a ratio on the time where they work at 100% or 0% of their strength to average the power you need?

    That new technology finally allow a microwave to REALLY cook at 50% none stop.


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