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  • Feta and Olive Meatballs

    Olive and Feta MeatBalls

    Enough for 8 person.


    1 lb ground lamb
    1⁄2 cup fresh parsley, chopped
    2 tbsp onion, finely chopped
    1⁄2 cup feta cheese, crumbled
    1⁄2 cup green olives, chopped
    2 egg
    1 tsp Italian seasoning


    Open your oven's broiler.

    In a large bowl, mix together all the ingredients.

    Create 16 meatballs, and place 2 inches apart on a baking sheet.
    Broil about 3 inches away from the heat until browned on top.
    Turn over, and broil on the other side.

    You can eat those meat balls as they are or you can add a nice basilica and tomato  sauce to it.

  • Poutine: the Complete Guide








    Poutine is a typical Quebec fast food meal. It's quite simple to prepare, fries, cheese and gravy, in that order. But if you want your poutine to be extraordinaire, there are some rules to follow and some things you should know. Otherwise you could end up with a meal that looks like mud and that does not taste so good.

    As I am from Montreal, Quebec, it makes me a fine poutine connoisseur. And it will be my pleasure to divulge all the things you should know about poutines. So here is the ultimate guide on this meal that we call poutine (pronounced: pewthin).

    What Cheese to Use for a Poutine
    Poutine Gravy Recipes
    How to Make Fries for a Poutine
    How to Make a Poutine
    Fancy Poutine Recipes

    What Cheese to Use for a Poutine

    There is only one type of cheese you can use to make a good poutine and it is daily fresh cheese curds. Now there is something very important you must know about cheese curds. If you want it to squeak under your teeth, do not put it in the refrigerator, leave it at room temperature. I do not know why exactly, but it stop squeaking when you put it in the refrigerator and it become a little less tender, therefore less delicious.
    Not to mention that if you leave it at room temperature it will start to melt when you put it on hot fries and that is exactly the spirit of a poutine. Delicious crispy French fries with cheese curds melting in the sauce.
    Some people use grated cheese... Any poutine amateur will tell you, it is a mistake. When you use grated cheese, the cheese not only melt in the sauce, it almost disappears in it. Cheese curbs are just the right size, they will melt in the sauce, but they will stay in chunk as well.
    Some fancy poutine recipe will use other type of cheese, such as blue cheese or bocconcini. This is doable, but one cannot simply change the cheese of a poutine without changing the whole taste of the recipe. I would highly suggest you to stay with the fresh cheese curds for any type of poutine variant you would like to try.

    Poutine Gravy Recipes

    The poutine sauce is a very important ingredient, it gives the poutine all his flavour. If you want to save some time you can always use poutine gravy mix. You can buy a pack of poutine gravy on Amazon.


    • 1 garlic clove
    • 1/4 cup butter
    • 1/4 cup flour
    • 2 cans (5.1oz) beef broth concentrate
    • 1 can (5.1 oz) chicken broth concentrate
    • 3 tablespoons cornstarch
    • 3 tablespoons cold water
    • 3 tablespoons ketchup
    • 5 drops tabasco
    • ground black pepper


    1. Put the cornstarch and the water in a bowl and mix it until homogeneous.
    2. Melt the butter in a saucepan and slowly add the flour and the garlic. Bake for 5 minute over medium heat and stir constantly.
    3. Add the kecthup, the beef and chicken broth and the tabasco.
    4. Add the cornstarch mix and cook for 5 minutes or until the gravy gets thicker. Add ground pepper.


    How to Make Fries for a Poutine

    Fries is the main ingredient in a poutine, so you better make awesome fries if you want your poutine to be delicious.
    The very first step is to choose the potato you will use to make fries.
    There is not a perfect type of potato. Depending on their density and their moisture, some potatoes are better to make mash potatoes, some are better to make baked potatoes and some are better to make French fries.
    The best potato you can use to make French fries is the Idaho potato, also known as the russet potato. Peel your potatoes and cut them.

    The type of cut is personal to everyone. I usually prefer big fries which is often called the country cut, but for a poutine I would suggest that you go with a smaller cut, the shoestring cut is perfect. You must remember that you do not eat only fries, you also eat the cheese, the sauce and any other ingredients you would add. So a smaller fry will better support the other ingredients.

    Once you peeled and cut the potatoes, put them in a bowl full of water with half a lemon juice in it. The acidity of the lemon will stop you potatoes from changing color.

    The Oil

    The choice of oil is also very important. The best oil to make French fries is undoubtedly peanut oil. The reason is simply because it is the oil that resist best to high temperatures.
    Put the potatoes out of the water and rinse them thoroughly. Water and hot oil do not mix well together.

    Fries Preparation

    If you have time and want your fries to be perfectly fried, follow the two steps. However, you do not have to and if you want to save some time just go with the first step and add 4 minutes.
    The first step is to ensure the middle of the fry will be tender and the 2nd step is to make the outside crispy and golden.
    Heat your oil to 325F and fry the potatoes for 6 to 8 minutes, depending on the size of your fries. Take them out and shut the temperature. Let them stand at room temperature for at least 15 minutes.
    Heat your oil to 375F and plunge the potatoes in it for 2 or 3 minutes.
    Take them out and drain the oil out with a towel.



    How to Make a Poutine

    Once you have all your ingredients ready, you can start to prepare your poutine. You put the very hot french fries in your plate. It is important that your fries are very hot because you want your cheese to melt on them. You put the room tempered cheese curds directly on the fries. Finaly you poor the gravy on top of it all. If you would like to add an extra ingredient, such as green pepper, onions or bacon it is the right time to do it.
    I will not lie, the end result is not very nice looking, it's not meant to be neither. It is supposed to be good, and let me tell you, it is damn good!
    Some people like to add a little mayonnaise on the poutine, but personally it's not my thing, I do not particularly appreciate mayonnaise. But sometime I like to add a little ketchup in my poutine.

    Fancy Poutine Recipes

    Now that you understand everything about making the traditional poutine you can start to have some fun creating variation of it. Basically, you can add nearly everything that you like to a poutine. If you have unique ways of cooking your favorite meat,  try and add it to your poutine.

    In Quebec all kind of restaurant are making their own poutine, I saw Kebabs meat in poutine and even vegetable poutine, which was having carrots stripes.

    Here is a list of the most common variation.

    The Hog-Dog:
    You add grilled hot dog sausages slices just before adding the sauce to the poutine.

    You add grilled hot dog sausages slices, green pepper, grilled mushroom and bacon to the poutine before dropping the sauce.

    Meat one:
    Add cook chopped steak and onion together and add those to the poutine. This one really change the taste and is one of my favourite variation.

    Add Pepperoni, green pepper and mushroom to the poutine.

    Add cooked chicken and boiled green peas to the poutine, before you drop the sauce.

  • Is Silicone Safe to Cook?

    Silicone is more and more popular, but is it safe?

    Silicone is used more and more in kitchen and I hear a lot of time people asking if it is safe.
    We all have though of:

    Is it toxic for food?
    What about melting in the food?
    What if we eat some small piece without realizing it?

    Can it melt?

    Silicone, like all materials in our world can melt and become a liquid.
    However, it can hold temperature as high as 500 °F without any trouble.

    If you take your hard silicone soup ladle, not worry for it to
    melt by any form in your favorite creme. Nor for your pastry brush to melt while adding some sauce to your ribs on the BBQ.

    The only danger that could happen is if you try to put it a long period in the oven while it is
    set at over 500 °F (Which is very rare right?).

    You can even put it into boiling water without any concern.
    So do not worry for melted silicone in your food.

    Is it toxic for food?

    Silicone is a none toxic material.

    Let's start by telling you all that silicone is a natural element.
    Well the one we use, to create cookware and things like soup ladle is man-made.
    By bonding silicone with oxygen. And silicone really is a natural materials, present in all science class, right on the periodic table.

    "[...] I’ve found state that silicone is inert, doesn’t react with food or liquids, and doesn’t offgas chemical fumes."

    “All descriptions I read of silicone rubber describe it as chemically inert and stable, so it is unlikely to react with or leach into food, nor outgas vapors.”

    However, please understand that there is a difference between different kind of silicone and different quality of silicone. The one you cut on is not the same as some constructor put on wall to isolate from flames to avoid them going from a building to another.

    Also note that other product are cover by silicone, and that you can always be aware of other materials in your cooking equipment too.

    What if we eat some by accident?

    I searches online what happen if we eat some by accident.
    It looks like no one ever cut their spatula and ate it...
    But there is always an "if".

    So, I searched "what happen if you eat the silica packets marked "do not eat"".
    I found that they are in fact not harming anyone.

    The only effect it would have is similar to eating some sand. Except that one job's is to absorb moisture. So, it will be a little harder for your stomach and you might feel your mount very VERY dry.

    According to Mike Yudizky, a recently retired paramedic and the public health educator at the North Texas Poison Control Center, “It’s nothing more than a type of sand. Despite the big-time warnings, it’s completely nontoxic.” Even if you were to eat a shoebox full of packets, the only result would be “an upset tummy. But the same would happen if you drank too much water.”"

    "Silica gel is nearly harmless, and that's why you find it in food products. Silica, which is actually silicon dioxide (SiO2), is the same material found in quartz. The gel form contains millions of tiny pores that can adsorb and hold moisture -- it's essentially porous sand."

    I hope you are now feeling safer with the idea of taking silicone cooking equipment.
    After all, they are safe and much easier to wash!

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