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  • How to Cut Like a Ninja

    How to Cut like a Ninja

    We have all seen movies where a ninja has a sword with a edge so sharp that it would cut anything on contact. Often you could literally only drop a tissue on the blade and it would cut with the only attraction of gravity. Well unfortunately, and I hope that by now you are aware about this, but what happens in movies, does not really apply in real life. In fact, you could make your edge as sharp as you want, you still need to apply some force if you want your knife or sword to cut. In fact, there are two key elements if you want to cut like a ninja. One, the force you apply to your knife. And two, the sharpness of your blade, whether it is a sword or a cooking knife, you will absolutely need an extremely sharp blade in order to cut like a ninja!

    How to Cut Like a Ninja Step One : The Force

    As Einstein told us with in mythical formula E=mc2, the energy deployed can be calculated by (Mass X Acceleration)2. Where the mass is considered as your weight, the weight of the blade and your strength. The acceleration simply implies the speed of the movement.

    The real trick here is not to use an heavy knife or sword. Because the heavier your weapon of choice is, the less speed you will be able to obtain with it. Your corporal weight is something very hard to modify and considering that many people struggle losing weight. I would not recommend you to take on some more pounds only to cut like a ninja. In fact the most important factors here will be the speed of your movement and your physical strength. What is also nice, is that you can practice yourself to get quicker and stronger!

    How to Cut Like a Ninja Step Two : The Sharpness of the Blade

    This part is super important. If your knife is not super sharp, you will never be able to cut like a ninja. The good news is that you do not have to train or to have any skills at all at this part. Only a very sharp knife. There are a lot of knives with a good sharpness out there, but if I had one to recommend you, it would be the 8" Chef Knife by Big Bang Cooking.

    If you think you already have a knife with the potential of being extra sharp, but that has lost its sharpness over time, just take a look at this How to Sharpen a Knife.

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  • The dark side of magnetic knife rack.

    Magnetic Knife Rack

    Magnetic Knife unknown default.

    Many people only see advantage in having a magnetic rack for their knives.
    However the more you learn about those, the less attractive they are.

    Such magnetic knife rack are very good if you have cheap steel knife and do not really care about... OR, if you are 100% sure of how the knife is made.

    To understand more where I am going, I will ask you to remember yourself some old experiences you have done with magnet. When you were younger, did you realize how some metal was affected by magnetic while others were not?

    In fact, all metals aren't having the same Magnetic Permeability and there is a measure to it.
    And that is the exact problem...

    It has been proven that if your knife is having different kind of steel in it, such as the highest quality Damascus Knives the magnetism will not affect the whole knife the same way.

    The fact that all steel aren't reacting the same to magnetism cause some part of the knife to try and move more then the other part of the knife.  It will results in a much fragile knives, easier to damaged & to chips.  Except if you are 100% sure that your knives are made of only one kind of steel or that you are only having cheap knives, you should not use magnetic rack.

    Also, as the raise in popularity of other materials to make knives occurs (such as Ceramic Chef Knives) the utility of a magnetic rack is decreasing.

  • Safe and Effective knife for kids

    Knife for Kids

    Is there safe knife for kids to use out there?

    I found that question very interesting. It surely hard to make a knife good enough to cut food, safe enough to let kids to cook.

    No matter how dull or "for kids" the knives are, remember to always be near your kids while they are cooking. It is not only for their safety, but you will be able to teach them tricks and show them how to use while having fun.

    Cooking is a great activity to build some link with your young one.
    (I personally learn to cook with my father and those are (mostly) awesome memories).

    When I was at my brother in law house, I realize that YES, there are some secure knife for kids and I went online to order some. (So my nephews may come and cook at our house).

     The best Knives for kids:

    I honestly think a Lettuce Knife is one of the best first kids knives you should buy.

    Even Adult knives made for Lettuce are usually made of plastic. Which mean that for the kids that want to do like the grown one, IT IS PERFECT!

    The most popular Lettuce Knives are:

    1) Zyliss Lettuce Knife.
    Price: Under $5.00
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  • How to Repair a Chipped Knife Blade

    Repair Chipped Knife

    For small chips:

    Just act like you were sharpening a knife, do not event think of the chips.
    Please remember that I am talking about sharpening a knife and not honing a knife.

    Many newbies are confuse between knife sharpening and knife honing.

    If you are thinking about this tools, then you are thinking about honing a knife.

    Though a knife honer is an essential tools to keep your cutlery top notch it will not help to repair even the smallest chip on your blade.

    The action of sharpening a knife with a wet stone will slowly remove the smallest chips without asking you too much work. Continue reading

  • Why I haven't purchase my Spiralizer at Walmart.

    Why I haven't bought my Spiralizer at Walmart.

    Introduction - Why I haven't buy my spiralizer at Walmart and where did I bought it?:

    Spiralizer are getting more and more popular in Americans' kitchen. And it is not a surprise why!
    The nutritional facts about vegetable noodles compare to regular noodle mixed with our none stop growing obesity trouble make it very attractive.

    Even if you are not looking to loose weight, those noodle spirals are very tasty and crunchy.

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  • Best Knife Sharpener... and How to Sharpen a Knife!

    Best Knife Sharpener

    Why should you sharpen your knife?

    Knife Sharpening is something that most cook need to know.

    If you are serious about cooking, then you need to be able to save some times by using a sharper knife. Most knife need to be sharpen very regularly.

    The best is to sharp a Steel knife before using it, all time, every time.
    That way, you will be able to always face good results and will be able to enjoy a much easier slicing and dicing.

    Of course all knife aren't made equal, you can simply buy the cheapest knife and imagine that it will be working fine because you know how to sharp. Some steel are staying sharpen much longer then other and you must always keep in mind that are steel aren't made equal.

    Also ceramic knife doesn't need to be sharpen every time you plan of using those. In fact, they should normally hold their sharpness for years.

    If you face a time that you need to sharpen a ceramic knife, please read the instruction here.


    How to use a Knife Honer

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