• What Makes a Good Sushi Knife and Where to Find One

    Best Sushi Knife

    Perhaps one of my favorite food centric documentaries in recent years has always been "Jiro Dreams of Sushi". For those unfamiliar with it, the film generally follows the passionate detail of world renowned sushi chef Jiro Ono. Watching Jiro work is akin to watching live art being created right before your eyes. The reason I bring up this master chef is not to promote him or his film (although you should really check it out) but to talk about sushi technique. While technique plays a large role in the final quality of your sushi, even Jiro will say that the right tools help. Technique is always something you can build upon, but a good sushi knife is something that can enhance your skill immediately. The market for such an item is ever increasing and it can be hard to weed through the competition. Fortunately, I have an example of what I consider to be the best sushi knife on the market today.

    What is a Good Sushi Knife

    Before I delve into my long winded spiel, let us first examine what makes a good sushi knife. Not to be confused with a sashimi knife, a sushi knife is more well rounded. Sashimi knives are used purely for slicing the fish, while sushi knives are used for cutting vegetables, fish and the sushi roll itself. To keep up with the variety of cuts to be made, these knives should be sharp and remain sharp over time. High quality cuts of steel are usually used for this reason as they can be sharpened to a finer degree than most of the average knives out there. In terms of the weight, heavier does not necessarily mean better. A lightweight, yet sturdy knife with a thin build is ideal for sushi. You want complete control of your cuts. Pressure is easy to manage with a lighter blade than one with a bulkier form.

    The Best Inexpensive Sushi Knife

    Ok, now with this supreme knowledge, you are a sushi master and ready to craft the finest spicy tuna rolls the world has yet to see! Wait, what's this? Over $300 for a top of the line sushi knife? That may set your dreams aside for a bit but it doesn't have to. If you are still with me since the beginning of this article (I thank you kindly if you are), then you may recall I brought up a knife that I considered to be the best sushi knife for the price. Speaking of price, you can get it on now for around $20. The Big Bang Cooking Chefs Knife may not have the fancy Japanese name so many of the high end knives carry around, but it can keep up with them in design. At eight inches long, this blade is long enough to make a variety of cuts with a paper thin blade. This blade is made up of high quality steel, ensuring that the blade will stand the test of time in terms of sharpness. As I stated earlier, good sushi knives are comfortable and light weight. With an ergonomic design and single cut, light body, this knife gives you absolute control.
    The simplistic design of this knife is all you will need for your sushi dreams. On top of that, it can be used for any general cutting duties making this not only the best sushi knife, but just a supreme knife all around. As much as I just praised its qualities, no knife will make you an instant master like Jiro, however given the right tools, you'll be on your way to crafting exquisite sushi. Now just work on perfecting that rice technique and you're good to go.

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