About Big Bang Cooking

Big Bang Cooking

Big Bang Cooking was created in 2014 after Ghislain Poirier, the founder, realized how much he loved to cook and especially to create new recipes. The business started as an online ressource for recipes and everything related kitchen. Later on the business model made a big change when Ghislain realized how important great cooking accessories are.

Big Bang Cooking is now a reliable brand of kitchen accessories, providing only the best products to our customers.

The quality of a kitchen product relay on small details. Details often makes all the differences between a good product,  an awesome product and Big Bang Cooking product. At Big Bang Cooking we totally get the importance of the details and we pay close attention to it.

Our Mission:

To provide the perfect products for our customers, everytime.

Our Products:

Ceramic knife
We are extremely proud of our ceramic knife and we make sure that each knives are super extra sharp when they quit the warehouse.

A lot more products to come in a near future. We are still considered as a startup, this is what explains why we do not offer a multitude of products yet. The fact that we take extra care of the quality of each product also explains why new product developpment is not very fast at Big Bang Cooking.

Big Bang Cooking 5 Inch Ceramic KnifeBig Bang Cooking 5 Inch Ceramic KnifeBig Bang Cooking Ceramic Knife

Silicone pastry brush

Big Bang Cooking Pastry Brush Big Bang Cooking Silicone Pastry Brush

Steel Knife
Big Bang Cooking Steel Chef Knife